High School student job search,a new type of Corona affected Schedule 1-month slide

New Corona infection of the affected Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare is 6 months, 11 days,this year we will be graduating students in job hunting 1 month back to the slide that announced the dates. This time, the government announced details of the in addition to part of the high school career guidance the faculty, such as information collected through the tell you.

【Here】University Faculty of choice and parental career watch

■This year’s changes

From the school companies of pupils of submitting the application start,the traditional 9 on 5 November and is the world,10 on 5th. [Okinawa traditional 8 months 30 days 9 months 30 days, etc.].

Also, the companies of selection the start and the adoption decision start, but in the past 9 months 16 days as is the world,10 on 16 days and. That is, the selection process of the dates are 1 month behind, to slide this [chart 1].

■Change the objective of the measure

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare description, the new type of Corona infection in the effects of holidays by the students of the career preparation period is short, the mismatch prevention: how did you get involved in water issues? The position of the weak students of the circumstances into consideration measures and activities.

■Think about the impact that

This announcement is job hunting after 1 month slide, which can,apart from that, high school class schedule must be considered. 4 months and 5 months of closed measures, by classes of delay, to regain most of the school summer holidays is virtually gone.

Traditionally,during the summer vacation interested companies to visit some of the can only of time, but there was, in this measure, the classes, with the exception of the workplace visit time is provided, it is not a concern arises.

This is the schedule of the change measures is bad or another problem. The school has shortened class was conducted, the companies Internet such as in-house business landscape and introduce more ingenuity is required. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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