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Highly breathable material, comfortable even in summer, ultra-lightweight and ultra-flexible volume sneaker "AIRILY"-Engadget Japan

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Features of volume sneaker "AIRILY":

■Ultra-flexible and highly repulsive, with a total of 233g on one foot, it feels like barefoot. It is hard to get tired even if you walk for a long time.

■ Excellent breathability with mesh material, moisture absorption and quick drying with a honeycomb structure insole.

■Leg length effect with a 6cm sole, and the effect of making your face and body look clear with a sense of size at your feet.

■ Unisex design for unisex. With a thick base and accents of suede and reflector material, it looks retro and cool.

It's a volume sneaker with a thick and thick sole, but with the image that "the sole is rugged and heavy", "it looks hot", and "it looks tired soon"?

That's not true! New to introduce this timeVolume sneaker "AIRILY"Is that the entire sneaker is very flexible and lightweight.

In addition, the sole has excellent resilience and resilience, as it assists walking, it is less tiring and you can experience the comfort of floating in the air.

It has an impact by changing to the usual sneakers and leather shoesIncorporating volume sneaker "AIRILY"How about a change or a change!

The entire sneaker, including the sole, is extremely flexible and can be folded.

The sole is elastic and absorbs the shock of walking and jumping.

Repulsion assists movement, so you will not get tired even if you walk for a long time.

It's thick and weighs about 233g on one foot, about one-third of the average sports sneaker of the same size, and feels like barefoot.

The secret of the sole is the "pylon" material.

Ultra-lightweight, highly elastic, flexible and flexible sole material with excellent shock absorption.

Suitable for commuting to work, going out or taking a walk, shopping, and traveling, in every scene.

Mesh material is used for the fabric that wraps the legs.

In addition, the insole design adopts a highly breathable honeycomb structure. It absorbs air and immediately escapes, providing excellent quick drying.

Comfort lasts long on hot days, long walks, and exercise!

The thick sole, which is a characteristic of volume sneakers, has a long leg effect [+6 cm!]. By giving a sense of size at the feet, the head and face can be made smaller and the style can be seen clearly.

Retro and cool design that both men and women can enjoy fashion.

Suede around the instep and reflector material accents that reflect light in dark places, so not only fashion but also night safety is realized.

△ The brightness varies depending on the environment.

Not only for street casual wear, but also to make your feet look surprising, or combine them with one-piece dresses… by all means, discover your own style!

▼ black

▼ gray

▼ white

June 26, 2020 Project start

August 28, 2020 Project end

Early October 2020-delivered to supporters

# Joint Company Honor

We offer a wide range of electronic products, daily necessities, fashion accessories, bags, clothes, etc. under the theme of "enriching lifestyles".

We want to deliver products that have not been introduced to Japan yet, with practicality, functionality, advancedness, and individuality, excellent quality and reasonable prices! That is the wish of compassion.

We do our best to propose products that are not only simple to use, but also newer, more unique to you, and useful for realizing a fun lifestyle!

# Risk & Challenge

■The usability of the product depends on the individual. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the usability.

■ If there is any defect in the delivered product, please contact us within 7 business days from the arrival of the product. We will replace all shipping and handling costs at our expense.

■Although we have thoroughly inspected, some of the small scratches peculiar to the material are not considered defective as part of the design.

■If the number of support exceeds the expectation, the shipping time may be delayed due to the manufacturing process and delivery work.

■The design and specifications of the products under development may change. We will notify you in advance of any changes.

■Because of the nature of crowdfunding, we kindly ask for your understanding and understanding in advance of the points above, and we ask for your continued support.


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