Hikaru "Collaboration" with Miyasako "Collaboration"

Hikaru, a popular YouTuber who is said to have collaborated for YouTube on the 29th, when YouTube's "Miyasako de Tsu!" Was opened by YouTube after the rain-death squad, Hiroyuki Miyasako [49], who had been reluctant to handle the dark business problem, updated Twitter And "reacted".

Miyasako has returned as a YouTuber and uploaded an image of the daily sports page on the 29th that reported information on collaboration with Hikaru


It seems that Hikaru's name appeared on TV

And the Tenchimu collaboration was the fastest rising first place. ''

I wrote. He also mentioned that the talent Tenchimu YouTube, which uploaded a two-shot video with Hikaru, had 1 million views in three hours.

And I did not write the specific name of Miyasako

"February … I'm going to boil more YouTube so please look forward to it

Hikaru is moving in many ways. "

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