Himi Aimi: Kenta Kiritani & Masahiro Higashiide “in a mysterious triangle” “Keiji and Kenji”…

Actress Aimi Higa, actors Kenta Kiriya and Masahiro Higashi double starring in the January 2020 series drama “Keiji and Kenji, 24:00 of the jurisdiction and the prosecution” [TV Asahi, Thursday afternoon 9 o'clock] was confirmed on December 11th. Higa is a younger sister of criminal Gouta Nakaido [Mr. Kiriya] and plays the witness secretary, Minami Nakaido, who is paired with prosecutor Shuhei Majima [Mr. Higashide]. Shuhei is in love with Minami and is set to get involved in a mysterious triangular relationship.

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