Hinako Shibuno throws at the instant opening ceremony in front of Director Samurai Inaba!

The award ceremony of the "TV Asahi Big Sports Award", which commends athletes and organizations who have been active this year, was held in Tokyo on the 10th.

Hinata Shibuno, who won the AIG British Women's Open last year, and Daiya Seto, who won two gold medals at the World Swimming Championships, were present. The two were particularly excited about the venue, such as having an instant opening ceremony on the stage.

Flying smiles are synonymous with Shibuno. Show the cheerful side of the golf swing and walk with a smile. He smiled during the award speech and looked back on last year. "I had such a good experience as winning the British women. It was no better year," he said.

Shibuno, who has experience in softball, thanked Atsuki Inaba, the representative of World Baseball Premium 12 Japan, for saying, "I was happy that my samurai was as good as myself." Prompted by the moderator, he accepted the pitcher at the instant opening ceremony.

In addition to Shibuno, Seto and World Baseball Premier 12 Japan National Team, the Big Sports Awards included Kento Momoda, who was selected as the badminton player of the year, and Miho Takagi, who set a world record for a 1500 meter speed skating girl.

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