Hinatazaka 46 Kyoko Saito “Do not regret” the first red and white spirit

Hyugazaka 46 won the “LINE NEWS AWARDS 2019” idol category in Tokyo on the 16th.

In February of this year, his name was changed from Keyakizaka 46 to Hinatazaka 46, and his successes such as No. 1 in 3 consecutive Oricons from his debut were recognized.

Kumi Sasaki [23] said, “This year was the year I debuted and I was able to experience many things. I am honored to have received this award. It was a year when I realized that I was able to see it. I hope I can grow next year. "

Kyoko Saito [22] has decided to play for the first time, Omisoka's NHK “Red and White Song Battle” “I will do my best so that it will be the last performance this year”. Ayaka Takamoto [21] said, “I've been an idol for 3 years. I finally made my debut, so I will do my best.”

As for the Japan national rugby team who won the award for sports, Sasaki said, “I've never seen a match before, but now I ’m the wing player in Fukuoka. “I have a feeling of sprinting. I am retiring and becoming a doctor.

In addition, the journalism award was awarded by Hough Post Japan edition news editor Haruka Yoshida, the businessman / politician section ROLAND, the artist section Official Shizuo dism, the cultural section Makoto Shinkai director, and the actor section Rinya Nakamura.

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