Hinatazaka is live-streamed with 920,000 ticket purchasers

Hinatazaka46 held live live online live on July 31st. The gorgeous sets and productions that were supposed to be unveiled at the spring tour, which was postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, are used as they are. He showed his best performance and delivered "Happy Aura" through the screen. About 90,000 people bought live tickets, and the estimated total number of viewers reached 300,000.

The debut song "Kyun" and the latest single "Sonnakotonaiyo" are shown, starting with "Dremisoraside", which won the record award for last year's record award. The live proceeded with a story-like composition in which the inhabitants of the town of music played by the members rescue the world surrounded by darkness. It was also a challenging set list, with the performance of "Youth Horse" twice in the first half and the second half. Three new students, Mirai Takahashi, Mari Morimoto, and Yoyo Yamaguchi, who joined the group in February this year, also joined the Hyugazaka46 live show for the first time.

More than 30,000 comments from viewers on "Encore" have been gathered, and Encore was also held. When the members appeared again, Kumi Sasaki said, "What a new album for Hyugazaka 46 has been decided! It will be released on September 23, and the new song "Azato Kawaii" will be the lead song. It was the first album since the name change from Keyakizaka46 [read: Hiragana Keyaki] to Hyugazaka46 in February last year. Kumi Sasaki laughed, "I think it will be proof that we will go one step further."

In Encore, Yuka Kageyama, who resumed activities in May this year, also appeared. "I didn't have any plans for this live, but I'm really happy to be there," he said with a smile. "This time it is an encore [only appearance], but eventually it will be like the final weapon of Hyugazaka, so that it will be recognized as Hinmenzaka's menba, eventually you can know Hyugazaka via Kageyama I will do my best!" The members sent me an ale saying, "Oh, the ultimate weapon!"

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