Hiroshi Oizumi and Eiko Koike talk too much and don't advertise

Hiroshi Oizumi [46] and Eiko Koike [39] attended the public commemorative stage greeting for the movie "Goodbye-A Life Comedy Starting from a Lie" [directed by Narishima] at Piccadilly, Marunouchi, Tokyo on the 15th.

Before the release, the two who played the fake couple appeared on various variety programs for publicity, but Koike said, “ A friend told me that 'the chatter was over, there was no impression of the movie' I'm worried that the promotion would have a negative effect … "

Oizumi who heard that said, "It's a very cute problem. I've been worried for the last five or six years. I'm going to come out because I'm going to come out, but it's too much, so everybody is full. I'm already full of stomach and seeing Eiko Koike with me. The burp comes out. Today's customers are still brave people who come, "said the audience.

When asked to tell a lie and make a terrible mistake following the story, Yutaka Matsushige [57] said, "When I was young, I was over 90 feet, but I wouldn't have any work. I was supposed to be 88 centimeters. The costumes we prepared were a little small, so we said we had our own double suit, and we wore the same suit all the time. We didn't lie. "

Also attended were Asami Mizukawa, Ai Hashimoto, Tamaki Ogawa, Tae Kimura and Gaku Hamada.

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