Hiroyuki Ariyoshi "To become a big villain" Watanabe affair

Hiroyuki Ariyoshi [46] Matsuko Deluxe [47] appeared on the TV Asahi system "Matsuco & Ariyoshi Karisome Heaven" [Friday 8 pm], which serves as MC, on the 19th, and Unjaw Watanabe Ken who is refraining from affair issues I talked about [47].

"First of all, Mr. Watanabe's story," said Ariyoshi, laughing, Matsuko replied, "There is something that cannot be avoided." The program is recorded on the 12th, the day after the weekly magazine is released. About Kojima who appeared on behalf of Watanabe's regular radio program, "I paid attention to Kojima's remark!? Nobody pays attention. Because Kojima is the one who doesn't say a big deal," he showed his tongue. I told Matsuko's "I'm blaming my partner", "I don't intend to hit the weak guy. I wonder Mr. Kojima."

Ariyoshi continued, "It wasn't just this program. I was really hitting Watanabe-san." The program featured the conflict between Watanabe and Ariyoshi who love ponzu. In the mourning of Matsuko's "Sad. The killer content of this show…", Ariyoshi emphasized that "the villain is necessary for the program, but it will become a big villain." Matsuko was laughing loudly.

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