Hiroyuki Yamamoto Ana's son is also an Anna of Kantere.

Daiki Yamamoto, the son of a freelance announcer Hiroyuki Yamamoto [57], formerly known as Kanhiro, known by the nickname "Yamahiro", has come to Kantere this spring as an announcer.

A variety program featuring Canning Takeyama [48] and 19 cante announcers, "Kantele announcer @ Midwinter's Challenge SP-Perform the drama production order of Chief of Canning Takeyama-" [Kansai Local] was broadcasted at midnight on the 23rd. . A total of 19 announcers in the same program, two new rookies scheduled to join this spring, appeared as witnesses to the reading relay “Chat Ends!

After introducing himself, Takeyama asked, "Is this the son of Announcer Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Yamamoto?" Takeyama emphasized, "I feel like my eyes are a bit similar.

Hiroyuki Yamamoto's eldest son Kenta Yamamoto [30] is also an announcer on Nippon Television.

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