History feats and lost lives │ Nurburgring Circuit and Porsche's fourth history

It is not possible to tell the history of the circuit without Nordschleife, the north course of the Nürburgring. Although worshiped like a god, he is sometimes called the "devil," and has been playing with people with various faces. Look back at the history of the legendary course, which opened on June 18, 1927. Fourth bullet.

Porsche's historic achievements in the 1000km race
Six years have passed since the death of Wolfgang von Trips in 1967. Twelve years after the withdrawal of Mercedes was said to be a winter era for the German F1 world. Porsche was the one who put an end to that era and once again revitalized the world of sports car racing. It was Porsche who brought it to life again. The Nürburgring 1000km race, where the racing machine born in Zuffenhausen, Germany, won the overall victory for the first time, was broadcast live on TV and fans around the world witnessed the start of a new history.

There was a tragedy that Lucian Bianchi and Gerhard Mitter, who had been running fast on the final lap, retired due to generator trouble, but Porsche monopolized 1st to 4th and Ud Schutz at the top of the podium. & Joe Vuzetta team climbed. However, two years later, a big tragedy falls again. Bianchi was killed in Le Mans in June 1969, and two months later at the Nürburgring, Mitter died again in an accident.

Date: May 28, 1967
Winners: Ud Schutz, Joe Vuzetta
Vehicle: Porsche 910
Distance: 44 laps [22.810 km per lap] [north course]Average speed of the winning machine: 145.5km / h

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