Hitachi, IoT platform as the core of customer co-creation to revenue enhancement aim.

Hitachi 2 November 10,Vietnam’s financial institutions VietCredit company, with the AI utilizing the provision of financial services for the demonstration to start and announced.

【Here】Hitachi in Vietnam, the AI take advantage of new financial services start the experiment

Some stores on tablet devices utilizing the automated contract system,easy personal loan apply for receptionist・contract to enable the service, and the AI was scoring by the loan of the review proven to do.

This service is for the first time in Vietnam, there the future office work of the paperless including business to increase efficiency.

Hitachi 小平浪平 mainly,in 1910, to the Kuhara mining Office of the repair shop it started as a”technological Hitachi”worthy products one after another out.

By 2019 3 months ended sales revenue of 9 trillion 4,806 million yen. Business segment the composition of the railway operation・related introduction of renewable energy・related systems such as life support infrastructure social and industrial systems 25%. Other financial in the field of system construction, operation, maintenance, and support of IT services to provide the information・communication system is 20%.

Hereinafter, semiconductor and display materials, synthetic resin processed products,wire and cable and other high-performance materials 17%, civil engineering・construction,mining use hydraulic shovels and other construction equipment is 10%,The Information Society semiconductor manufacturing equipment, measurement and analysis equipment, such as electronic devices and systems is 9%, advanced vehicle control systems such as automotive systems is 9%. Kitchen・household products, residential equipment,refrigeration and air conditioning equipment such as the life of the eco・system is 5% of real estate sales・leasing・management of others is 5% and operating diverse businesses that Hitachi, look at the movement of this.

■The previous fiscal year[to 2019 3-month fiscal period] and current prospects

The previous year revenue of 9 trillion 4,806 million yen [year-on-year 1. 2%], and revenue from cost of sales,selling,General and administrative expenses, calculated by subtracting the as adjusted operating income,a year earlier than 403 billion in a record to update 7,549 billion [+5. 6%increase] was.

Adjusted operating income increase factors, and system integration, such as improving profitability in the information・communication system of 360 billion yen,the railway system, such as revenue increases in the social and industrial system 357 billion, and revenue increased in the construction machinery is 232 billion yen was recorded, a profit increase.

On the other hand, price rise of raw materials such as high-performance materials 218 billion yen,due to deteriorating profitability in the automotive system is 115 billion yen,Hitachi Kokusai Electric in the sale of electronic devices and systems 113 billion, and home appliances fall in price in the Life eco・system is 26 billion yen, and other corporate adjustments in the 73 billion yen, a decline of was.

Now for the 3rd quarter cumulative [4-12 months]revenue 6 trillion, 3,441 billion yen [year on year 6. 5%] and adjusted operating profit 4,456 billion [+16. 6% decrease] during this fiscal year, sales revenue of 8 trillion 7,000 billion yen [year-on-year 8. 2%], on adjusted operating profit 6,690 billion [+11. 4% decrease] expects.

■Mid-term management plan[year 2020 3 month period ~ 2022 Years 3 months]domestic promotion strategy

With customers of the digital solution co-creation of IOT platforms Lumada at the core,social, environmental and economic value by increasing sales revenue average 3% over operating income ratio of 10% more than the aim,the following strategies to promote.

1. Lumada enhancement: Hitachi’s technologies collect”Collaborative Forest”opened,both internal and external realization of the idea of initiatives with funding, the venture Fund was established.

2. Strengthening the management infrastructure: the production system upgrading, operations optimization, quality assurance, etc Lumada as the core of the digital transformation of the promotion.

3. Priority business areas of settings: down,IT centered around mobility, life,energy of the 5 priority fields as a priority investment.

・Smart: production, service efficiency and secure water supply and Sewerage system provided.
・IT: advanced financial, social and service innovation accelerated.

GAFA, such as the giant IT major rival in the field of co-creation by value to improve Hitachi’s movements want to watch. [Article: city-Ho only to righteousness・The article list to look at]

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