Hitomi Shintani "I want you to write" Menstrual pain problem of female athletes

Hitomi Shintani [32 = Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.], a long-distance girl who won the championship at 4:21.77, said, "This is something I want you to write." It was an opinion on issues specific to female athletes.

When I came to the press, he said, "I want to take loxonin to stop menstrual cramps." When I finished drinking it, I uttered the words and continued.

"It's a natural phenomenon. I'm grateful. I don't think other players will be talked about in this kind of situation, but it's correct that a woman's body has menstruation. Don't make a mistake. It will improve your performance. I think it will go down, but in my case it has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, stopping is a problem in living. Thank you.”

Shintani once retired in January 2014. Even before that, he said he had put extreme weight restrictions to reduce the burden on his injured heel. As a result, it was revealed that in the past, the mental state had collapsed, and there was amenorrhea. Now that I'm back, my thoughts are the exact opposite. I make a strong call so that no one suffers in the same way.

The race was harvested by carefully putting in the first lap. "I can run to 10,000 meters with a feeling of comfort up to the goal," he recalled. For the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], which has exceeded the participation standard record of 5000 meters and 10,000 meters, "I am a person who only thinks about how to make it easy, so in that sense I do not reduce my daily motivation and practice It's important to be able to work on it. Corona was used as an excuse to request from the country [such as refraining from self-control]. Then, I will try my best not to take a rest." Now I am dedicated to the competition as a professional runner. Expressed as "running neat". And finally, when I was lazy, I said, "I was a neat person who did not run. The routine of the day was picking up pet dung." Yes, I ended up with "Shinya Setsu".

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