Hitomi Shintani, Nozomi Tanaka, etc. at the Japan Championship at the Tokyo Olympics

If the winner exceeds the standard participation record for the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games] at the Japan Championship of the long-distance track event [December 4, Osaka Yanmar Stadium Nagai] on 21st, the Japan Association of Athletic Federations will hold a board meeting. , Decided to give the player a job offer for the Tokyo Olympics.

Six types of events will be carried out: 10,000, 5,000 meters and 3,000 meters for men and women. At present, Hitomi Shintani [32 = Sekisui Chemical] for 10,000 meters of women, Shintani for 5,000 meters of women, Nozomi Tanaka [20 = Toyota Automatic Loom TC], Rika Hironaka [19 = Japan Post Group] participation standard record Meets

Kazunori Asaba, Chairman of the Japan Land Federation [59], explained, "Athletes who are performing well at the moment can compete well in production. When the winning player has not cleared the same record, even if he/she cuts after that, it will not be an informal offer. The remaining national team will be selected at the Japan Championship next year. As in this year, the long-distance Japan Championship is being held separately.

・Tokyo Olympics participation standard record

Men's 5000 meters 13 minutes 13 seconds 50

Men's 10,000 meters 27 minutes 28 seconds 00

Men's 3000 meters obstacle 8 minutes 22:00

Women's 5000 meters 15 minutes 10 seconds 00

Women's 10,000 meters 31 minutes 25 seconds 00

Women's 3000 meter obstacle 9 minutes 30 seconds 00

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