Hitoshi Matsumoto admits, financial support to humble junior with barrebare mask

Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi [56] and London Boots No. 2 Jun Tamura [46] talked about Fujimoto's "Wide Na Show SP" on the 28th about the dark business problem of Yoshimoto entertainers who have been in trouble since June this year. Was.

When Jun Ryo Agata Tamura [47] was punished for the dark business problem and thanked Mr. Matsumoto for saying "Matsumoto moves" [on Twitter], Matsumoto said, Not. "

Atsushi said, "At first, Ryo told me that I didn't get a guarantee. There was a relationship between Ryo and Karateka, the mediator. When I started Ryoichi Tamura and no customers came in, Irie gave a ticket. He judge me. "

However, Ryo, who believed, received a phone call. "While shopping in Midtown, when I said on the phone," Can you see me now? "" If you can't see me, "she said," Actually, she got a guarantee. " Matsumoto said, "I'm the same. It's the same scale. I don't think I can't get it. But I thought it was for juniors."

Jun said, "I said it's better to say [you got the shit]. If you [Ryo] and [Mr. Hiroyuki] Miyasako [of the death squadron after the rain] do not say" I say " He said, "Wait."

After that, he continued to communicate with Ryo, who was decided to be quiet, by phone and SNS. Jun said, "One day, the phone was not connected and LINE was not read. I learned that [Ryo and Miyasako] would hold a press conference while the manager was heading to Ryo's house." I looked back at the conference of tears confession between Ryo and Hiroyuki Miyasako [49] held on March 20. Matsumoto also said, "I also knew at that time. On the Shinkansen. [Miyasako's partner] Hot-chan [Toru Hotaruhara] appeared on a program in Osaka instead of Miyasako. I was. "

Atsushi said, "I'm sorry that I'm going to have an interview. I'm sorry for the post-report. I was worried that I would be able to convey my thoughts, but after seeing that I was talking, I thought that Ryo, who I knew, was finally back. , Scam victims' family and friends, "said Ryo-san.

He went to Ryo's house and said, "I'm talking about everything. After the interview, my emotions were so intense that she told me she had to go to the hospital. She was diagnosed with 'adaptation disorder.' I went to Yakushima a week or 10 days and recently talked about returning to work. "

"But it's not Yoshimoto Kogyo right now. That's difficult. Yoshimoto says that Ryo is a talent, but Ryo is different at the time of the interview. To make that connection, I made London Boots Co., Ltd. We're talking about it now, and we've also created a YouTube "Ronbu Channel" that can be put out on YouTube right away, but there's some terrestrial staff waiting there, so that's not the case. "

Regarding Miyasako, Matsumoto laughed, saying, "It's a difficult place. I think she is the place [belonging] to Sanma-san. Miyasako may drink Sanma-san and paint me as a medicine."

Matsumoto said, "I was lonely. I wanted a phone call from Jun. I wanted to consult." Jun laughed, "I thought I shouldn't be annoying. The distance is different. If this was Yamamoto, a paradise dragonfly, I immediately called her. I heard it, but I couldn't say anything to the company." "Miyamoto-san, Ryo-san, and Matsumoto-san did what I was doing. I'm a group who doesn't think the company is bad. The worst are the two who lied. It's not bad for Yoshimoto to be late.

Here, Masahiro Nakai wrote down to Matsumoto, "How did he move specifically, even if he could just speak." Matsumoto said, "There is a mask on the tiger mask in my house, and I use it to give money to the entertainer. ". He admitted that he was wearing a tiger mask and was making money through a third party, providing financial support to a treasured entertainer while publishing a photo of Balebale during the broadcast.

In addition, Matsumoto said that he appeared in a no-garage program instead of Miyasako, saying, "I was annoying to the TV station, not Miyasako. To show my sincerity as Yoshimoto Kogyo. It was not Miyasako."

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