Hitoshi Matsumoto, Shinsuke's video appearance "I want to do with me"

Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi [56] commented on the former talent Shinsuke Shimada [63] who appeared on the YouTube of talent misono [35] on the 13th on Fuji Television "Wide Na Show" [Sunday 10 am] on the 19th. did.

It was the first time in eight and a half years since Shimada's video retired in August 2011 for black dating with gangsters. The video has been viewed more than 5.2 million times as of 11 am on the 19th.

Matsumoto laughed at the video saying, "I don't watch it. I'd like to watch only Shinsuke's talk, but misono is noisy." He said, "If you can do this, I want you to do it with me."

Looking back on when Shinsuke retired, Matsumoto was shocked, "I received an email late at night and decided to retire." I was hit "Tokyo 04", I was once. " Was blurred, citing how he allegedly extorted Tokyo 03 during the 2009 TBS “All-Star Thanksgiving Day” when he served as MC.

Matsumoto says, "I haven't talked to me since then and haven't met him." As for what Shimada says, "I'll meet with anyone if you call out." "I'm a bit difficult, it's kind of like to meet you that way. When you walk down the road, you'll hide once. I wonder if it's okay because it doesn't show up. "

In addition, guest actress Pinko Izumi [72] said, "I will not forget. I went to Okinawa location on a program by Shinsuke and returned and turned on the TV and had a retirement interview. What will happen to Okinawa the day after tomorrow? I thought it would happen. "

Mr. Shimada, who appeared in three shots with misono and Shintaro Yamada [33], looks back eight and a half years after retiring, "I have a healthy day playing golf, doing muscle training, fishing," . About the Fuji TV series "Quiz! Hexagon 2", which he was hosting, "It was the happiest program in my life. It was fun and happy. Only" Hexagon "was not downplayed. Did not go to rice. " He said, "The celebrities today are hard. No cheating or affair. No more celebrities."

MC Koji Higashino [52] says, "I feel love for the Hexagon Family. What will happen to the Matrix Family? The number of members is steadily decreasing." After the retirement of Shimada-san, the deathly squadron after the rain, Hiroyuki Miyasako [49], who worked as MC together, was a dark business, and the tutorial Tokui Yoshimi [44] was tax evaded, and Nippon Television series became lawful one after another. Lamenting the "Counseling Office".

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