Hitoshi Matsumoto suggested GoTo "half price per person"

Downtown Matsumoto Hitoshi [56] appeared on Fuji Television's "Widena Show" [Sunday 10:00 am], which serves as a commentator on the 26th.

Regarding the "Go To Travel" campaign that started on the 22nd, Matsumoto recalled, "I told you about the "prepayment reservation system" last week, nobody was able to deal with it." And he said, "How about the "Half price campaign for one person? I would like you to do your best even at 60% off instead of half the price, but this also fell apart"."

Guest guest Shiraku Tachikawa [56] points out, "If everyone travels alone, the tourist spots will be creepy." Matsumoto said, "I would like to show you an alternative. I'm not 100% sure."

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