Hokkaido is found in the”more from the Dragon”belongs to the plant feeding habits of Dinosaurs, 2 continents over an extensive inhabited Hokkaido University, etc.

Hokkaido, including from the town in 2013 found a dinosaur fossil, a new species Cam websites, thus in 2019 was announced. Hokkaido University is 7 days,locker room belongs to at least a sub-system family of plant-feeding dinosaurs,the North Pacific Coast was widely distributed that announced the discovery. About 6,900 million years of the Cretaceous in the U.S. State of Alaska North of dinosaur fossils, again as a result of research,it turns out that.

【Here】More from Dragon,a new genus and new species and identified”color websites・the new”named

■Questioned was Rice of Alaska dinosaur fossil

The Arctic is colder,daylight hours are limited, organisms as bait is very limited. The Cretaceous than now the temperature was high, the biology of the species and the harsh environment was. But in the Arctic in recent years, a Tyrannosaurus type nook Saul, and 角竜 type the list of websites, such as numerous skeletal fossils and footprint fossils and dinosaur fossils have been discovered.

Many skeletal fossils have been found, the U.S. Alaska State of the system ossification stone compact layer. More than 6,000 of the giant duck-bill dinosaur bones of the North Slope County you can layer recovered from one of the adult bones are most not found. Moreover, the bone shape of the growth and big changes for its effectiveness is questioned for.

■Even in a severe environment habitat for plants and feeding habits of dinosaurs

Hokkaido University, Okayama University of science, rice the Perot Museum of nature and science and other researchers that consists of a group is,the region recovered from the high status to the Department of the ground level class of the genus re-study was conducted. As a result, or at least a sub-system belongs to the specific features this week.

Or growth by changing the characteristics may be found. The rice Colorado from Northern Alberta, Canada to the South, to at least a sub-system belonging to the distribution to be considered, the latitude of 70 degrees in the living area had spread this week.

Alaska of at least a sub-list of the genus and of Hokkaido, a color level, which is almost the same age habitat. From this, or at least a sub-level family of the common ancestor of the Arctic to adapt to the environment of Alaska, through the 2 continents was widely distributed and considered. This is the Arctic’s harsh environment is the movement of the barrier did not mean that.

Alaska inhabit the high status of the Department of plant feeding habits of dinosaurs and how the Arctic adapt to life had the debate about the progress would be, the research group is looking.

Details of the study, the International Science journal PLoS ONE on 7 dates that have been posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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