Home for power feed-in tariff system, the period after the expiry or greater fall in prices


In Japan, General home such as solar generated power to power companies, the government stipulated price buyThe feed-in tariff schemeIn 2009 11 months being introduced. Fixed-price purchase of the target is established after 10 years and provided for, and this year 11 months after sequentially at a fixed price for the purchase of the end of the period the home would be to. To that end, each electric power provider the new purchase price of the present have started[Nikkei].

Purchase price the operator may vary depending on,either a fixed price purchase at the purchase price[1kWh per 48 yen]is larger by, for example, Hokuriku Electric Power Company and Kansai Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power 1kWh per 8 circle so[Chunichi Shimbun]. Also,Shikoku Electric Power is 1khW you 7 yen.

Also, the leading power operators other than the purchase by,for exampleShowa Shell Sekiyu Kyushu area other than to produce 1 kWh 8. 5 yen, and Kyushu area 7. 5 yen.Smart tech is to produce 1 kWh 10 yenPresenting.

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