Home,on 1 or more times use 36. 8% decline in voice call time survey

My voice of according to the survey, past surveys compared with the Home Center to use the percentage of people decreases by.

【Here】Drugstore is used? Pharmaceuticals of Germany Europe Food, creative, daily necessities of high

■Month 1 or more times use people is 36. 8%

19, the Internet survey to provide firm my voice com is the home results of a questionnaire survey on the announced. This is 10 generations from the 70 generations of men and women 1 million to 329 people to be subject to aggregation and Analysis,2017 Years 1 month in 4 th.

Home Center the frequency of use when asked about,”a Week 1 or more times”is 2. 0%,”2-3 times a month”is 12. 6%,”January 1st”is 22. 2%,”2 to 3 months to 1 times”is 26. 1%,”six months to 1 times”is 14. 5%,”year 1 times or less”is 12. 2%,”do not use”is 10. 3 percent.

■How to use the downward trend

The past 3 times of the survey in retrospect,”a Week 1 or more times”and the answer was the percentage of people in 2014 1 month of the 2nd Survey 3. 5%, 17 years 1 Months 3 times in the Survey 2. 4 percent. As well as”Week 1 or more times”is 19. 7%→14.6%→12.6%,”2-3 times a month”is 26. 5%→24.1%→22.2%and a decrease.

On the other hand,”2 to 3 months to 1 times”is 24. 5%→24.8%→26.1%,”six months to 1 times”is 11. 0%→13.1%→14.5%,”years to 1 times less than”is 7. 5%→10.7%→12.2%increase. “Do not use”is 7. 3%→10.4%→10.3%, and this time a slight decline in the last and nearly the same.

■Cainz,komeri, such as increased

Someone who has used the most recent 1-year use of the Home Center when asked the most was Cain, at 26. 7%. One in Canada [26.3%], application of European digital content[16.2%], Tokyu Hands [16.1%], and Mexico[15.1%], island Zhong・HOME’S [12.1%], Viva Home and super Viva Home [11.8%], the content[10.2%], watch [10.0%], etc and followed.

The past 3 times of the study looking back, the lens 21. 7%→23.2%→26.7%and increased,image memory 13. 2%→13.9%→15.1%,the code also 9. 0%→9.8%→10.2%and increasing. On the other hand, the application of European data, Germany is 19. 8%→18.5%→16.2%,island Zhong・HOME’S 13. 4%→13.3%→12.1%,Carman also 9. 5%→7.6%→7.2%and a decrease. Or”the other replied,”Who is also 27. 4%→21.8%→18.2%and decreasing.

■Assortment that emphasizes who is 7% greater

Home center focus point when asked the most was”the assortment is rich”in 70. 3%, then”affordable”is 53. 9%, and”location is good,convenient location””Parking””the quality of the product is not”goods”for and”are each 3~4 divided by.

Also, items purchased when asked,”daily supplies””cleaning supplies, Laundry supplies, bath supplies””kitchen appliances”are respectively 3 percent,”flowers・plants, gardening, gardening supplies,””adhesive・mending・packing supplies, paint supplies・paint””fittings, working materials and supplies””stationery, office supplies”to each 20% mark was. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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