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If you get bogged down in math problems,Photomath]To scan the formula. Get answers and step-by-step instructions in no time.

Math is easy with Photomath! ?

Nowadays, mathematics can be solved with apps. The other day, a relative's child who was preparing to take the exam was asked, "Do you understand this problem?" The problem here is math. Of course, I don't know, so the main line of reliance is “apps”. I downloaded "Photomath" appropriately and this was a terrific app.

Can you solve a formula just by scanning?

One thing we do when using the app. Just scan the formula. For example, when solving a formula and hitting a wall, the app scans the formula. The scanning method is exactly the same as the smartphone camera function. When you shoot the formula you want to solve in the frame, the app will solve the formula without permission. Isn't this amazing?

It took a few seconds for the app to derive the answer. The answer came out in no time.

And here's where Photomath is amazing. The app not only derives the answer, but also guides you through the steps to get to the answer. Moreover, it is polite and easy to understand. When I told my relatives about the existence of Photomath, I never came to ask me any questions. It seems lonely …

There are many other useful functions such as a smart calculator that can solve various mathematical formulas. The download is free and works without internet connection.

If you're a math enthusiast, check out Photomath and you should be fine.

Photomath ・ Distributor: Photomath, Inc.
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Education
・ Capacity: 85.1 MB
・ Version: 6.5.1
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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