Honda is a Level (1) Soichiro Honda”fear of failure than to do nothing afraid I -“

“The challenge of fear of failure than to do nothing and to fear behind”. Honda[Honda Motor Co., Ltd.] founder,Soichiro Honda’s words. Currently, Honda is the automobile sector is profit gone. Or”build profitable”with it.

【Here】Honda Stream”image layer”to be discussed in your modern Honda can play with?

Honda say”special to build the company”and found you. In other words”products of high performance”build you. Also, recently business jets in the team have left. This, too, Soichiro Honda, but his challenge that left the Department.

Recent Honda Cars, strong product appeal to feel is gone. From automobile Department into time, a light four-wheeled vehicle”N-360″was there. The sports car is the Honda S500, 600, 800. Car is a Honda 1300 sedan, coupe there. From there the product was.

Exhaust gas regulation in the beginning, a Honda Civic CVCC in the world by surprise. America’s Big 3, Toyota, Nissan, such as the world’s largest car companies,Californian exhaust gas regulations and to oppose, in the catalyst without at the time of the regulations was of was.

Its CVCC engine development time,”in the bucket and wipe you!” And Soichiro Heart Institute appeared, that side of the Board, such as the idea to draw freehand as well. It drawing as a prototype to test every day was,at the time of technicians to retro that.

Soichiro is drawing but did not read did not say that. However, the findings of the WHO than most, was said to be.

Soichiro is the successor of the President to his son over without ability”is that those who take over the good”and”河島喜好 [then 45 years old]”to the President of sit with. Personable large the person was. But currently, the technology in the dream he was young, the Institute work of the”preferred treatment”to throw away 3 years just left by. That you may know the blog is,”Challenge, afraid to fail, than to do nothing afraid would“So.

This youth Honda left”about 3 years, but what we did not say not qualified”and accepted that a shallow well. This young man was feeling”Honda to be”, but”Honda’s business model”only. “Intense product strength to overwhelm the other”,this point break is now Honda is not to play. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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