Honda is a Level (2) “funds efficiency is the product appeal to decide”

“Technology is from the supplier I bought it good”and,ahead of the blog written by the youth of the boss’s words, Honda management’s attitude that’s for sure. This is the”financial knowledge”from the”funding efficiency”of thinking. The financial knowledge I grew up in a”global management”of the basic management technique of understanding.

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But in the automotive industry, not necessarily through. In the short term the most”was originally can last not thinking”alone.

What kind of business the”product appeal”in the fighting. But in the world of Finance,”knowledge as a loophole to use”such measures,”the funds efficiency is higher”I would. It is a”loophole”,serious measures are not. Extreme idea for example”Lehman Brothers”is the failure of the.

The automotive industry is not limited to your product in a business success or failure is determined by. It is one of Honda’s technical rare and valuable commodity there,like Toyota TNGA, cost effective, and”80 points”the principle seen in the high level of balance of commodities and technical methodology course, even the most basic is the”product”in there…. Then, you realize it”Development・Production・sales force”is no……..

“Technology is a supplier from them come good”, and if in the short term, profits are up, but the good is not. Suppliers leave, the order management expertise lose.

Or from the supplier the order or parts assembler (Assembly room) and devote a good feel like that would be, but not to the scene do not know the management techniques, and any”management”even out yet. The author,assembler through the manufacturer to follow the series, supplier, or subcontractor experience as a warning or in part without our prior written consent.

This from the automotive industry is software development cost, but it is also ultimately”mechanical”to the body of the example product no. This automotive company’s manufacturing・production・development・purchasing of all required, and further It development in it and at the same time, software technology stack the feet if you are a guy in……

In the future,”mechanical mechanism”and”control program”of the Affinity system to determine the quality of the basic technology and have. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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