Honda, motorbike rental”HondaGO BIKE RENTAL” 4 on 6 days from start to

Honda is 27, The 原付一種 from a large motorcycle or bike rental can be”HondaGO BIKE RENTAL [Honda goal・bike・rental] the”4 on 6 October and start gradually announced. Hokkaido, Okinawa is a 5 from the end of the service scheduled. Rental registration is 27 days more, and started to use the membership registration is necessary.

【Here】Honda, leisure specializing 原付二種 Of The New”CT125・Hunter cub”announcement

■Purpose bike awareness, riding opportunities to increase customer creation

Currently, Honda has many bikes line up out. Honda, according to a study by the motorcycle license even though I own 4% of people who bike have any,”HondaGO from is like.” The concept of this new service.

■Service overview

“I feel free, the more familiar”as a keyword,the Web book of convenience, helmets, jackets of rental,preparation and insurance costs, such as the in terms of to lower the.

Rental plan,1,500 yen for 2 hours or you can hire a SHORT from, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 55 hours, which can be rented LONG GOGO plan and a total of 5 types that. The base rate or displacement, such as by change. The base rate in personal liability or objective liability, such as insurance and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in support of road service, are also included.

Helmets and jackets and the Indian Ocean supplies cost option for sign screen add should be selected. Voluntary insurance, as well as the vehicle insurance is also provided for,also subscribed to you. Incidentally, the price is per model and by the different.

■Handling model

The line-up very much, Honda’s official pages being on public roads drivable vehicle is subject to. The stores handled by the model is different, the reservation screen of the confirmation.

The movie”weather child”appeared in a special model, pink color the ring has been subjected to a Super Cub or a normal motorcycle license can drive a 400cc models in the CBR400R,400cc or larger motorcycle license can drive models of the Gold Wing Tour all are tastefully furnished and many even provide such comforts as that.

■CBR400R book a try

Try to CBR400R book a try. Departure is Saturday morning at 11, returning the next day at 19: select,the Indian Ocean possible options, vehicle options, all with. The basic rate is 22,000 yen, and the Indian Ocean supplies 5,900 yen,vehicle insurance is a 1,926 yen in a total of 29,826 yen. The rental period is 32 hours and about 3 million yen was a lot of line-up from the rental you can ride this model along nature’s way from. [Article: Keeper・The article list to look at]

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