Honda Stream”image layer”to be discussed in your modern Honda can play with?

Honda pinch. Automobile Division operating margin of 1. 9% [2018 to 4 month period ~ 19 years and 3 months], and the exit is invisible. If Soichiro Honda led the”innovation technology of the Honda”, but a mediocre performance from the produce was not.

【Here】Honda the darkness of the Deep The New fit to the postponed release of the electric Parking brake change cost

Toyota’s TNGA and organizational management of innovation, well as to. “Mixed production・order production・swing production・modular design・model design”such as the current situation required,or from required technology development is also noticeable. “Innovation”is not a mediocre organization and is not seen.

The F1 team was interviewed on a television documentary,”The aspiration of the”not a member of how painful it was. Members in hassles with the atmosphere is not felt. “Youth characteristics”of the people?

Honda is”Wai Gaya”and said, a distinctive discussion there was. 3 Day 3 Night stay in the discussion have. The world, the”debate”and hate the people has increased. “Discussion”, without”bullying”you. From the front deeply impressed how faithful to discuss this”quarrel”and I have “Game time!” And discussion, to try and level as many people.

Furthermore, the discussion to”avoid,escape”and have to act fast. This is a”100%win or 100%lose some”but not feeling well. “Discussions with each other, the idea of understanding a new idea to produce”and can we’re not quite sure what it is.

That is,”their different thinking can not tolerate”the state is visible. This is from Honda were good at”image layer”does not hold. “Opponents of understand the idea that”these discussions do not know that yet. “Should be realized in the image”even sharing this.

Data of say”Answer 1″can feel like. And personnel rights on those who have”忖度”is ahead of that. “Safe”data in the faithful words and deeds may rightly and. However, the data is”past”view only,”this”represents is not.

Toyota,this year’s Tokyo Motor Show in”VP meetings”to reproduce the thought. Akio Toyoda the President and Vice President just. At the beginning that,”we have the data available for discussion, etc. The data is slow that would say”one”and”that was funny, that data is”user friendly”, and in fact the extent of data the Vice President is”basic knowledge”already have been reflected in the were of of would. General recognition of the level represents only.

“This speaks to the discussion in the past, the data is basic knowledge in”this new discovery was. I’m too old for that. Honda’s”image layer”to reproduce this, Honda once again vibrant businesses that lead to is definitely. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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