Honest Review of Donki's Bone Conduction Wireless Earphone “ JOGBONE '' / Whether 5980 yen is affordable or not

From February 21, 2020, Don Quijote has released the bone conduction wireless earphone "JOGBONE" from the private brand "Passion Price Plus". The price is 5,980 yen, and can be purchased at Don Quijote affiliated stores nationwide except for a part.

There is a reasonable price of about 6,000 yen for wireless bone conduction.But the manufacturer is Donki. Not a sound equipment maker like Sennheiser or AKG, nor a consumer electronics maker like Sony, but Donki at that discount store. I know I'm rude, butProducts that make you want to waitIsn't that honest?

・ Appropriate feeling

So,It has become a pillar. The details will be described later, but let me give you a general comment first. If you do not mind the sound leakage at all, and know that there are other bone conduction wireless earphones with similar specifications on Amazon etc., if you choose it, you may be convinced …

Sorry for the somewhat crisp evaluation. In terms of articles, the excitement is that there are two choices, God quality or bomb death, but neither was. Read on for details.

・ Sold to MEGA Donki

There seems to be handling depending on the store, but get it at MEGA Donki Shibuya Main Store normally. 6580 yen including tax. Specifications are written on the box. according to it

・ Continuous playback time is up to about 6 hours
・ Charging time is about 2 hours
・ Built-in microphone
・ Waterproof and dustproof IP55
・ USB charging [the body is micro USB] ・ Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
・ Approximately 34 grams

The contents are simple, only the main body, instruction manual, and a USB cable for charging about 51 cm.

Appearance is usually black and gray plastic. There is no luxury, but it is not a special cheap. Buttons are located outside the right and left temples. Power ON / OFF, volume control, playback and stop, etc.All with these two buttons.

The USB port on the right side of the main unitIt is sealed tightly. It is unlikely that it will be flooded at least in the rain. However, since it is IP55, submersion would be useless.

・ Try it

Let's talk about the look and feel. What's the identity of this guyAlmost small speakers. For example, if you have a sense of distance similar to a train seat, you can hear the sound you are hearing next to you.Not suitable for use in quiet offices or public transport.

If it is outdoors, even if there is some sound leakage, it will be drowned by the environmental sound. I don't mind if you use it during jogging or walking. It will be put on your ear,I don't mind interference with my glasses.

Bluetooth connection is fairly stable. However, the delay is a comma seconds. It's so small that you don't mind watching a movie or anime. However, when a rhythm game is played, for example, a delay can be clearly recognized by a difference between an effect at the time of tapping on the screen and a tap sound heard from the earphone.

The sound quality is commensurate with the price, but slightly inferior to the canal type in the same price range. This is where I want to consider bone conduction. It's like playing a small speaker beside your ear.

・ Operation feeling is delicate

Up to this point, it's not surprising that the price and the bone conduction mechanism are appropriate. The only obvious complaint is the feeling of operation. I do everything with one big button on each side, which is not good.

In particularIt is very difficult to raise and lower the volume. Press right twice to increase volume. Pressing left twice will lower the volume, so you won't be able to raise or lower it all at once. I tried repeatedly and it was pointless.

In addition, depending on the communication status, even if the button is pressed twice, it is counted as one and the reproduction is stopped. I don't think other operations are easy to do. Personally,The operation from the earphone side seems to be virtually non-existent.

I don't know how the other person heard about the microphone's performance, but at least the Google Assistant responded correctly via the microphone. It is certain that what you are saying will be transmitted to the other party.

・ Charging during use

Finally one.Can I charge while in use…. I don't think there was any mention in this manual, so what I'm going to tell you may not be recommended.

First, if you plug in the USB cable into the USB jack on the earphone and start charging, the earphone will automatically turn off. But,If you turn it on in that state, you can use it normally.

When the battery level of the earphone was 80% and the battery was recharged from the outlet and paired again, the remaining battery level became 100%. After playing for about an hour and leaving it unattended, unplugging the charged cable and pairing it showed that the battery remained at 100%.

It seems that it can be used while charging if you think about it normally, but it can not be guessed unless it is written in the manual. How you decide is up to you. Also, I would like to ask at your own risk no matter what happens.

That meansSound leakage, poor operation feeling, and sound quality worth the price. And I'm a little worried about rhythm games,Video is not noticeable delay. Furthermore, if you understand that there is something of the same quality in the same price range as it is, it seems that it is OK.

If you want an earphone for light jogging and walking that is affordable and does not disturb the surrounding sounds, it is just a good gadget.

Source:Don Quixote[PDF] Report:Egawa supplies

Photo: RocketNews24.

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