"Honorary mayor of dog" was born in the United States, scandal as soon as he took office


"Honorary mayor of dog" was born in the United States, scandal as soon as he took office

by Clear Creek County

In the UK's Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign and Federal Ministry (FCO) government buildings, cats rather than humans are officialGiven a postI work day and night, but I'm in Clear Creek County, Colorado, USAGeorge TownIt is reported that the "Honorary Mayor of Dogs" has been born and is receiving respect from residents.

Big dog becomes mayor of small Colorado town

Parker the Snow Dog abuses mayoral privileges at Loveland Ski Area

At the inauguration ceremony of George Town held on February 18, 2020, the four-year-old was appointed as a glorious honorary mayor.Bernese Mountain DogIt is Parker. Georgetown police judge and concurrent mayor Linette Kelsey read the mayor's oath on behalf of Parker, and the Georgetown Community Center shook with applause and cheers from residents and government officials.

Parker has long been an official mascot for Loveland skiing near Georgetown,Official siteAndParker-inspired beerUntil it is made.

George Town's board of directors has named Parker, the Colorado's support organization for people with disabilities and a charity activist for animal shelters in Clear Creek County.Approved unanimouslyDid. According to the official website, Parker's policy is to "commit people to love, hugs and cookies."

In commemoration of Parker's inauguration,Hoodie with hoodie sign]Has also been produced. The price is $ 37.99 (about 4200 yen), and it is scheduled to be shipped sequentially from April 10, but it seems that it does not correspond to export to Japan.

Parker has made a strong political debut, but the local media has also taken a tough look. The Denver Post, a local newspaper in Denver, Colorado, said on March 8 that “ In less than a month after Parker became mayor of Georgetown, Parker improperly occupied Loveland Ski Area. Was included in the video. "

The Denver Post's post on Twitter shows Parker stepping on fresh snow on a slope before the ski slopes open.

The Denver Post, who skipped the scandal, said, "Is this going to hurt Parker's political career? Or will he be able to get over the issue and go to the Colorado governor's race. We hope for the latter, because Parker is a very good boy. "

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