Hoshino Gen, "Bobo Bo" trying to grow beard with self-control

The singer / songwriter Gen Hoshino [39] broadcasted Nippon Broadcasting "Hoshino Gen's All Night Nippon" live from midnight on the 15th.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe participated in the movement of "Uchiuchi Odoro" which invited free collaboration through SNS. Despite the popularity of elegant private videos, I didn't touch on this in the opening talk.

As for the movement, "I think it's a great social response," she said. "I was happy to think that it was a social phenomenon when the athlete repeated the images." He said that he was particularly impressed with the video of Saori Yoshida's shadow wrestling, saying, "I was impressed by the fact that I was hit by what I was doing, and I was a bit crying." "Let's dance at home" was also aired in the broadcast.

Hoshino said he hasn't been out for a week in the past week, and he said, "I'm not convincing if there's a person in the studio who says, 'I'm home now'." I want to show that I can do it. " He laughed, saying, "Beard is a bobo," saying that he is taking a challenge to grow his beard as much as possible because he doesn't go out and meets no one. "The hair that has been permed in the role of a drama is" like Mini Afro, "he said." It's a new discovery that you look in the mirror and resemble your father's 30s! "

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