Hoshino Resort”micro-tourism”view of the economy basic (1) car sales to the normalization of the path

Passenger car sales fell rapidly recovering. 5 months compared to the previous year 58. 2%, 6 March 73. 4%,7 on 80. 1% and 8, 9 on to and expectations from the situation. In addition, the new corona virus infection, for the purpose of avoiding private car ownership in a positive review of the air is coming out. This growth How do I do this?

【Here】The hotel industry, the Hoshino Resort, The Ray of light hope

7 months of new car sales,20 million 7473 units [compared to the same period the previous year 80. 1%] was. 5 month sales volume is 12 million 3781 units [the 58. 2%], 6 month or 18 million 2128 units [the same 73. 4%], and certainly on a recovery trend, to. Each car maker from the new car market introduction the effect of growth which has,this market’s big move was the sharing of demand and how they should be?

It’s not the economy of the market most hit by the said to be tourism, butThe Nikkei business according to,Hoshino Resort is a 3/4 hotel demand in the previous year to come back to that. With that background,Hoshino, President of”micro-tourism[small travel]”promotion has paid off and a voice to be heard. That is,”inbound[foreign guests]”to be, rather than domestic tourism and is of an aim.

Indeed, the pandemic begins, the Olympics towards foreign tourists and national policy by Japan’s tourism industry is excited for. On the other hand, Kyoto is a famous sightseeing spot including the”foreign manners and disturbance of”lamenting voice was also great. Chinese”platform targets”was the topic, and Akihabara Electric Town grew up in the”video box”is the Chinese capital to be suppressed, such as the”bubble economy”of the modality there was.

Therefore, the”foreign tourists disliked the”domestic tourism and for the children. Onsen Ryokan go to bathe, do not know the manners for foreigners, the Japanese culture is that Japanese for”hot spring”, and the basic atmosphere unlike me. All was calm not. Tokyo luxury hotel for foreign business people the center was the VIP floor, with their Japanese identity and whereabouts are not in the mood and even.

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