Housekeeping portal also appeared wings spread platform site

University of Finance and Economics newspaper of 4 May 23, the date the corporate・industrial field,”THESE nursing sites,one staff member’s experience was born in an article entitled”Post. Exactly the platform site.

【Here】USE care sites,one staff member’s experience was born in

Nursing homes looking for people to register, introduction of the various facilities to know the reality of that. “Here”I think the opportunity to meet if site to approach the facility, and direct consultations and to negotiate. Site management side of the contract completion fee at the time of entering the framework.

The platform site is gradually expanding that. Funeral information funeral home・tombstones suppliers such as stand between the site for the operation of Kamakura Shinsho, such as also known as this.

Also the Nikkei is the so-called unicorn enterprises that are certified by 1 company CaSy[color]there. Bite in and say”housekeeping[cleaning・select・meals, etc.] dispatch of business”. This platform of the site framework is fully utilized. Housekeeping of”applicant”and”executors”of the matching, figure by all means.

Furthermore this”loss get let’s take the”eye-theory, including the portal site launched by Fukuoka companies to know. “Data in flight [large send and receive data service]”is a well-known Falco[Falcon].

Data service other than a small homestay・rental space management’s. The experience of utilizing the rental space of the search site”space flight”was initiated.

Uemura 福太郎 representatives”have been deployed to the platform many of the sites of contract fees,fees of around 30 percent. Use each of the cleaning costs, etc. into consideration, the profit is negligible”and on”the provinces and the outskirts in the rental space of the absolute amount is small. Telework represented by the work reform, Corona ominous by the transient is not visible. Rental space or share a space of awareness to spread more and more widely,the owner・user to both parties satisfaction for the purpose of increasing the platform launched”as that.

Started the”Space Flight”of the biggest features is the platform for using the fees. Monthly fee of 15%,or 5000 per month out of the circle, whichever is higher impose. Around 30 percent is also”highly appreciated”and that, in fine. But”space published on the occasion, the management side is to view on The decide,”he said. Cleaning for the attitude・level and Wi-Fi, etc. are functioning from to check.

But,Uemura, President and Chief Executive Officer of the managers, as a unique read There. “The national level of the publication Space,1 million by. Realized,post the space Number・track record of successfully stacked if you can,15%or5000 yen is the industry standard in the world.” Upfront interest plus actual of interest to enjoy in and out. Keeping an eye on them. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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