How about coffee brewed with Soichiro's Water? | Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama renewed

"Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama" on the first floor of the Honda Aoyama Building, which had been closed for renovation work since October 2019, will be reopened on January 18 [Saturday]. We have further evolved the concept of "products and corporate attitudes," a concept from the beginning of its opening in 1985, and a "rest and relaxation area where anyone can easily drop in."

At the product display corner, we will offer a “life-expanding potential” experience through exhibitions of motorcycles, automobiles, power products, HondaJet, a wide range of Honda products and advanced technologies, and hands-on events. From traditional product-centered displays, Honda will evolve into displays that express the values ​​and thoughts that Honda wants to deliver through products and services and allow new discoveries. In addition, a business trip exhibition from the Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi will be held, and it will be a place where you can feel the philosophy and history that Honda values.

The interior and exterior have been renewed, and the exterior with an enlarged glass surface has an open atmosphere. The area in front of the plaza has a wood design that connects with the same flooring as in the building, making it easy to enter. The interior was designed to be a place where you can relax and enjoy a lot of wood and green, based on the concept of "a place you want to visit again". The "Waigayaya Tree" welcomes you at the main entrance. Inspired by Honda's traditional communication “Waigayaya,” a casual conversation with Wawaiagayagaya regardless of job title, age, or gender, the concept is based on the concept of “a space where a wide variety of people can gather and get busy.”

The cafe "MILES Honda Cafe" was also designed to make it easier to drop in and relax. The word "MILES" implies "Honda's willingness to go forward with our customers". Menus include sandwiches from F1 venues around the world and original coffee brewed using Soichiro's Water. "Souichiro's water" refers to water that has had its odor disappeared after being stored in a Canadian Hiba cask on the third basement floor of the Honda Aoyama Building. The founder, Soichiro Honda, wanted to make the Welcome Plaza a place where anyone can easily drop in, so he named this water "Souichiro no Mizu" and provided it to visitors.

Welcome Plaza has been entertaining visitors with public viewing of races and exhibitions of vehicles. You will be able to experience Honda's 2030 vision of "providing the joy of expanding the possibilities of life for everyone" in a space that is more comfortable after the renewal.

Honda Welcome Plaza Aoyama
1-1-1 Honda Aoyama Building, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00

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