How attractive is Tiptronic? To enjoy running! Part 1

The 94 993 Carrera, which was my first 911, was 99 993 Carrera, where I couldn't forget the depth of the MT's pocket, and started living together with the 88 Turbo. But it's not a manual, it's Tiptronic. Why did you choose Tiptronic, a torque converter AT with only four speeds, which is outdated?

It was also due to curiosity that aroused from some experience gained with the turbo of MT, which also has only four speeds. According to the testimony of a friend who is chasing a 911 Carrera 3.2 on a mountain climbing every week and chasing after, according to the testimony of a friend, "It is hopeless that the 4-speed turbo is more separated than the 6-speed 993 Carrera." What is behind the words is the difference in the number of manual shifts, which makes it possible to make an advantage even with turbos in the era far older than 993 …

Moreover, because all gears are wider than those of the 6-speed car, the behavior is less disturbed and stable even with full boost, so you can step on with traction without worrying about it. Since the number of gear shifts is small, you can concentrate on steering and pedal operation. I have mentioned several times that this advantage is the beauty of the 4-speed turbo.

Taking advantage of that experience, you should be able to play the TIP with 993, which is famous for "magical suspension", with 4 speeds and only 2 pedals! Again, I decided to choose Tiptronic from the confidence that there was a foundation and nothing. Even though the Tiptronic base is a torque converter type AT, it locks up firmly from the low rotation range and can be turned hard if it is in MT mode. Even if you leave it in the D range, there is no "unintentional upshift" like ordinary AT because the computer analyzes the driving conditions and selects the optimal one from the five pre-mapped shift modes.

The hint to Tiptronic was hidden in the 4-speed turbo …

This is the truth of the original sports AT that Porsche released into the world nearly 30 years ago. It imitates it and is similar to other AT sports cars of the same age. You will have a hard time in a narrow place where the gear ratio does not match, and it is physically impossible to do the trick to lengthen the first speed like the MT turbo. However, it may be possible to cover it somewhat by utilizing the magical undercarriage unique to 993.

Nowadays, the sports AT with left and right independent gates, which even feels old-fashioned, has a deep charm.

In the first place … what I learned from Kaoru Wakisaka's lessons I took over the past few years. That is … What you need to run fast and efficiently is not the technique of scratching the MT MT or the plunge of guts, but how to connect points efficiently and draw a line in the shortest distance. The work of their racing drivers does not seek hobbies or pleasures. Anyway, it's a guy who runs with the athleticism of a specialist who has to run fast. As a result, two-pedal paddle shifts have become mainstream in modern race cars.

2 pedals, why not take advantage of this advantage! You can even practice left foot braking.

In other words, if you want to enjoy "maneuvering", you don't have to use a manual MT. Although there are few gears, even Tiptronic in the air-cooled era can concentrate on "steering" that can concentrate on steering and AB pedals. If you still have a taste for "operation" and want to enjoy it, just use the 3-pedal and H-pattern manual transmission and enjoy the splendid shifting sequence.

Even Tiptronic can make the muffler white so far. Just like MT, it's about turning on the engine.

It is the privilege of us amateur hobbyists to make up for the disadvantages between the 3-pedal MT and 2-pedal AT. Like the 915 / G50 controversy, both the manual / Tiptronic are the same Porsche 911.

You can't enjoy running with Tip! No, let's enjoy running with Tip! That is why. Continue to the second part.

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