How can I check my subscription service?

The number of “subscription services” is increasing. This is a “subscription” service that pays monthly or yearly fees, unlike the “buy-out” type that pays a lump of money at the beginning of use. Most of the unlimited music distribution services and unlimited video distribution services fall into this subscription service.

Subscription services available on the iPhone can be classified into two forms depending on the billing method. One is the contract / settlement completed by Apple services such as App Store. The other is a contract / settlement at a site outside Apple. You can receive the service in either form, but since the latter does not have information on the contract date or renewal date (date on which the subscription service is extended) on the iPhone side, the date management must be done by the user himself / herself. Hmm.

For example, Apple Music and Apple TV + are subscription services operated by Apple, so “Settings” → “Apple ID (where your name is displayed at the top of the screen)” → “Subscription” or “App Store” → You can check if you open the screen in the order of your icon → "subscription" displayed in the upper right of the screen. In addition to confirming the next renewal date, it is also possible to cancel the contract from this screen, so it is a good idea to check occasionally.

On the other hand, subscription services contracted at sites other than Apple can only be managed by logging in to the website manually and managing due dates. You will receive an e-mail or notification that will be automatically renewed immediately before the renewal date. If you notice it, it is easy to happen that the update date has passed and you missed the timing to release it, so write down the date on the calendar.

  • How can I check my subscription service?

    The subscription service provided by Apple can be managed on time, but …

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