How did Amazon's doorbell with surveillance camera “Ring” become popular?


How did Amazon's doorbell with surveillance camera “Ring” become popular?

A smart doorbell that allows you to remotely check the face of a visitor via Wi-FiRing”Was released in 2012 by an interphone manufacturer called“ DoorBot ”. DoorBot changed its name to “Ring” in 2014 and was acquired by Amazon in 2018. In 2019, we partnered with the police, and it has become so popular that Ring is monitoring the front door throughout the United States. Caroline Haskins summarizes how DoorBot was reborn and penetrated into Ring.

How Ring Went From ‘Shark Tank’ Reject to America ’s Scariest Surveillance Company-VICE

The following movie shows what Ring is like.

Ring Video Doorbell-YouTube

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Ring can be installed indoors or outdoors and can also be used as an intercom.

You can check the state of the camera from your smartphone, and you can also upload and share Ring videos.

◆ The beginning of Ring

Ring's founder Jamie Siminov's team invented DoorBot, the predecessor of Ring, in 2012. DoorBot is a small tool that incorporates the convenience of a smart home, not a home security product.How to connect a smartphone to an intercomDoorBot evolved with the idea of ​​Mr. Siminov.

The mechanism and functions of DoorBot can be confirmed from the following article.

“ DoorBot '' that allows you to check who came to the entrance with a smartphone with video / photo from the destination-GIGAZINE

When DoorBot first appeared as a security camera, people had the impression that it was a poor camera, and it wasn't rated by Amazon until August 2014, with an average of 2.3 out of 5 stars based on 320 reviews.MacSourceAccording to the company, the idea of ​​DoorBot was great, but the video quality was low and the audio was choppy.

The reported issues were consistently poor video, audio and Wi-Fi connectivity. By around January 2013, Ring had raised about $ 170,000 (about 18 million yen) for this issue, but the funds would soon hit the bottom.

What changed the financial difficultiesShark TankWas a TV program. “ Shark Tank '' is a popular program in the United States where entrepreneurs sell their business to investors called “ sharks '', Mr. Siminov appeared on the program to sell DoorBot, and Ring is acquired by Amazon about 4 Broadcast half a year ago in November 2013. “Without Shark Tank, we wouldn't have existed as a company,” says Siminov.

“Consumers are now spending billions of dollars to equip their homes with products that are compatible with smartphones,” Mr. Siminov told Shark Tank, “But it ’s one of the most popular technologies. The intercom hasn't evolved since it was invented in 1880. So far, we ’re introducing DoorBot, the first video intercom built for smartphones. You can see and talk, "introduced DoorBot.

As a result, Mr. Siminov was unable to get an investment in Shark Tank, but later Mr. Siminov said that he appeared in Shark Tank "probably worth the $ 10 million ad". In July 2014, we succeeded in raising $ 4.5 million from two companies. Based on the funds, DoorBot was restarted as Ring in September 2014.

◆ Acquisition by Amazon

Amazon acquired Ring for about $ 839 million (about 91.1 billion yen) in 2018.

Amazon acquires “ Ring '' startup company of smart home terminals-gigazine

Amazon had invested heavily in Ring for about two years before acquiring Ring. Business databaseCrunchBaseAccording to, Ring raised a total of $ 61.2 million (about 6.6 billion yen) in 2016 and $ 109 million (about 11.8 billion yen) in 2017, Amazon is Ring's top investment in both years You can see that it was home.

Amazon states that the purpose of the Ring acquisition is to "accelerate" Ring's mission to reduce crime. Siminov also said, “With Amazon, we share our Ring security devices and systems globally and access them at a more affordable price to dramatically accelerate our mission.”Ring press releaseandAmazon press releasesSaid.

There are two main reasons Amazon acquired Ring. One is that Amazon wanted to expand its lineup of smart home products, including Echo and Alexa compatible Fire TV. Second, after a package was delivered from Amazon, if it was stolen before the customer received it, the company would lose, so Amazon needed a way to prevent and track the package theft . Amazon has worked directly with Ring and the police to tackle luggage theft through decoy operations.

Baggage theft decoy operation was done by creating an Amazon package to be used as a bait using tape and boxes actually used by Amazon, and placing the baggage at the front door equipped with Ring. There were two goals for decoy operation, one was to arrest the criminal by holding the scene where the luggage was stolen with the Ring camera. Another goal was to make Ring's decoy report covered in as much media as possible. Although the decoy did not result in the arrest of the criminal, the effect of the press was sufficient to inform the existence of Ring.

By monkeybusiness

Until Ring penetrates throughout the United States

Baltimore's security in the United States is by no means good, and Pastor Troy Randall, who lives in northwestern Baltimore, says he has been hostaged by violence related to drug sales in the neighborhood. Many residents wanted to move out of Baltimore but were unable to leave Baltimore due to lack of money.

"The police don't do anything. They don't get out of the car, they don't go around. It's easy to buy and sell drugs," says Randall.

By Chalabala

Many inhabitants in northwest Baltimore did not trust the police at all. Because(PDF file)2016 Justice Ministry reportAs it is, the Baltimore Police used excessive suspension, search, arrest, and violence against colored people for no good reason compared to white residents. While living in Northwest Baltimore, Pastor Randall was introduced to Amazon Ring by his friend Pastor Terry Moore.

Pastor Randall says that Ring was like "the grace of heaven". Pastor Randall, who was also the chairman of the neighborhood association, worked to install Ring as a security camera in Baltimore. Pastor Moore directly contacted Ring, who thought that even if the Baltimore police neglected to monitor the crime, people could monitor themselves with Ring. Ring accepted Pastor Moore, "I want to help immediately." Ring was developed with the theme of "reducing crime in the neighborhood" and wanted to give hope to people who are close to danger and those who cannot trust the police.

Pastor Randall, who met a representative of Ring, explained what horrors the residents of northwest Baltimore were experiencing. The representative explained, “Installing cameras throughout the region can stop drug activity and reduce crime. We are doing the same thing in other cities,” and 150 Rings are free of charge. I offered to offer. Instead, we required to pay $ 3 per month for each cloud storage fee for storing video from each camera, or $ 5400 per year.

Pastor Randall and Pastor Moore applied for a grant from the city of Baltimore, and in October 2018, they won $ 15,000 to pay for cloud storage and camera installation. However, even though Baltimore Police needed to sign a partnership agreement with Ring before Ring offered the camera, Baltimore Police was not signed with Ring at the time of writing. In addition, alreadyMore than 600 American police agenciesHas signed a contract with Ring, and this number is increasing daily.

By alexstand

As police cooperate with Ring, police need to promote Ring and be able to approve information from Ring. Instead, the police will be able to request camera footage directly from residents without obtaining a warrant. As a result, although he did not reach a contract in Baltimore, RingFunded by taxpayerIn cooperation with the police and the discounted camera program, we pioneered surveillance networks throughout the United States.

With the acquisition of Ring, Amazon now also owns a company that builds privatized surveillance networks across the United States. This network is built by consumers purchasing their own cameras. In other words, Ring is a marketing company that earns money by selling fear.2016 Ring BlogBut it says "Fear sells".

There is no reason not to trust Ring for people who live in fear, such as residents in the northwest of Baltimore. People in northwest Baltimore seemed to have some concerns about sharing video data on Ring. However, Pastor Moore says, “The people were terrified by fear and were eager to struggle, so they welcomed Ring.”

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