How did coffee lead the Ottoman Empire to collapse?


How did coffee lead the Ottoman Empire to collapse?

by Couleur

Boil coffee beans from water and drink the supernatantTurkish coffeeIn Turkishkahve"And became the direct etymology of today's" coffee ". It is pointed out that such coffee contributed to the collapse of the mighty Ottoman Empire.

How Turkish coffee destroyed an empire | 1843

Coffee entered the Ottoman Empire around the first half of the 16th century,Suleiman IThe reign. Ozdemir Pasha, dispatched from the Ottoman Empire as governor of Yemen, met a cheerful drink called “qahwah” locally and dedicated it to Suleiman I. How to brew coffee at this timeArabica coffeeBoiled beans in a copper pot called Jezvee and then quickly poured into a porcelain cup to create a fine foam layer. Empress of Suleiman IHurem Haseki SultanTo balance with the bitter taste of coffee, water andTurkish Delight(Turkish pleasure)It was said that they enjoyed coffee together with the tea confectionery, which became the prototype of the later Turkish coffee.

by Phil and Pam Gradwell (to be)

At that time, pros and cons were divided within the empire over new drinks. Although there is no mention of coffee in the Islamic scriptures, stimulant drinks are said to have been as resistant to alcohol as hard alcohol priestsRoast(No)There is also a record of issuing Fatuwa (a declaration based on Islamic law) that prohibits coffee as saying "You must not drink anything that you have." Still, the first in 1555Kahve Khane(Coffee House)When it was opened in Istanbul, coffee spread throughout the empire.

At that time, the coffee house was not just a place for drinking coffee, but also a place for socializing, exchanging information, and even teaching. The news that intellectuals who can read the letters read at the coffee house included political criticism, conspiracy swirling in the court, rumors of war, etc. The In this way, the coffee house has become a place of speech that fosters the spirit of rebellion and ethnic self-determination. The powerhouses of the time also have a glance at the coffee house, the sultan sending spies to the coffee house for polls,Murat IVThere was also a politician because of the suppression of the coffee house like.

by B. L. Singley

As the 19th century begins, democratic movements erupt throughout the Ottoman Empire, making coffeehouses more important. First, in the European region of the Ottoman Empire, as Christians gained their independence, local leadersThessalonikiThe SerbianBelgradeThe BulgarianSofiaI gathered at a coffee house in the city and deepened unity and devised a strategy. As a result, starting with the independence of Greece in 1821, Serbia in 1835, and Bulgaria in 1878 one after another, the Ottoman Empire will push the path to collapse.

In Turkey,Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, sweet as loveThere is a saying. "Coffee was a favorite drink for the Ottoman rulers, but they didn't know it would accelerate the end of the empire," said Sarah Girani, a researcher in culture and art in Istanbul. He pointed out that the pot that boiled the coffee contributed to the opening of the hell gate.

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