How did you train foreigners in 140 countries to learn French?


How did you train foreigners in 140 countries to learn French?

In a globalized society and community, it is essential to acquire a "common language" for communication. A huge bulletin board in the United States talks about how French as a means of communication has been learned in a short period of time in a foreign unit of France where people of 140 nationalities and races gather.redditWas being talked about.

How French Foreign Legion teaches French language to men from 140 nationalities- my personal experience .: languagelearning

How the French Foreign Legion teach French to 150+ nationalities in 6 months.Part 2: La Ferme .: languagelearning

In March 2020, I started posting my experiences on the language learning board of redditShaglockSaid that he had dropped out of college just ten years after posting and moved to France from his hometown of Southeast Asia to join the French Foreign Forces. Mr. Shaglock's French expeditionary force is a group of people from over 140 countries around the world with various languages ​​and degrees of enrollment, some of whom have never heard the language of French. It seems to have been warm. Shaglock talks about the unique education that she gained from doing so in order to acquire a common language.

Although Mr. Shaglock originally knew only about "Bonjour" and "Croissant" in French, in order to understand the order in three months of training, move as a team, and handle explosives and weapons etc. became. Also, half a year later, he passed the driver's license acquisition test, and he seems to have learned the language enough to manage military facilities in one year.

People who use Portuguese tend to learn French faster because of the roots of the language, and because there are many people from Russia, learning in French is slow by coordinating in that group and talking in Russian, People from different languages ​​have their own characteristics for language learning. However, despite such differences, most of the people were able to communicate in six months after the mission, which was difficult.

On the other hand, Chinese people who are said to have no pronunciation of "D" and people from Asian countries who have not mastered any of the languages ​​used in Europe, the Americas, etc. are not able to communicate easily, and language acquisition tends to be slow. Was in However, among them, Japanese and Koreans are often evaluated for their diligence, and Shaglock says that they took time to learn the language and improve their ranks.

In the characteristic language education "Pedagogic style" in the French Foreign Forces, at first, all meals were called "SOOP", snacks were called "CHOCOLA", and simple exchanges were used. Also, the French words "je" and "tu", which are the subject words of "I" and "You", are not used, but only the expressions "TOI (you)" and "MOI (me)" are used. He said he had never learned expressions such as "il (he)" and "lui (him)." In addition to gesturing gestures, all kinds of exchanges were carried out.

The French lessons were held for about an hour in a small group of 4 or 5 people after a daily hard activity and dinner. The instructor is a platoon leader with a low background in France and has little experience as a language instructor. At first, I only learned basic grammar and words, but at the beginning, I could not understand the French spoken by the teachers at all because I was exchanging with simple expressions such as "SOOP".

In addition to this, non-French speakers were to be combined with French speakers as buddies. In addition to increasing the number of French conversations, this system allows you to ask questions that you do not understand, but in some cases it did not go well because it was largely influenced by the nature of the French speaker who was companion and the compatibility. It seems there was.

By starting with the exchange of simple words and gradually adding basic grammar, by connecting a noun with a body language but a verb that is not used, you can be good from the first month. He said he was able to communicate. Another feature of Shaglock's language education is that "everyone sings a lot".

This story gathered comments that were of interest both in terms of language learning and the internal situation of the foreign troops. On the other hand, a person who claims to be a linguist / language teacher said, “ The excellent aspect that the educational method of the 1950s is shown in an immersive experience story and the bad aspect of social exclusion due to racism It sounds like they are being used in combination. It cannot be said that the system is "successful". "

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