How do I securely register human relationships in "Contacts"?

It is convenient for friends and acquaintances who communicate continuously to register in "Contacts". If you add a phone number there, the name will be displayed when you receive a call, so you can easily see who is calling, and if you add an e-mail address, tap the “ + '' button on the new message creation screen and send it to Can be added to

However, as the number of registered people increases, the “connection” between registered users may be a concern. There are some brothers and sisters who are in-laws, but the names are similar and difficult to distinguish, or they work for the same company but they want to distinguish managers. It would be convenient if you could check it in “Contact”.

The iOS 13 “Contacts” feature has been improved with respect to the classification of people. When “Add relationship and name” is opened in the edit screen, there is a function that can register information (label) such as “father” and “mother” before, but the number of labels displayed as candidates has increased significantly. It was.

Easy to use. Tap “Add Relationships and Names” on the “Contacts” edit screen, and tap “All Labels” on the label screen that appears. A huge number of labels will be displayed. You should find many candidates that you might use, such as “father-in-law”, “brother-in-law (my sister's husband)”, “manager” and “assistant”. After selecting, select the registered person corresponding to the label.

Even so, the added label is a lot of information. It is not surprising that the uncle is distinguished by "father's brother" and "father's brother", but it is distinguished from "cousin (son of mother brother sister)" and "cousin (daughter of father sister)". Or, there are things that take time to understand the relationship with “brother-sister-in-law (brother-sister or spouse of brother-in-law)”, and even learn to read. Even if you do not register, please check once?

Easy explanation of operation procedures

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    1 Open the edit screen in "Contacts" and tap "Add Relationship and Name"

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    2 Tap the label part

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    Three Tap "All labels"

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    Four Labels added in iOS 13 will be displayed

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