How do successful children grow up? Education methods considered by the rich

◆ What is education for raising successful children? How to make up outside of school
This is a personal idea, but in terms of educating children, I think that the Japanese education / advancement system alone is not enough, and we place importance on education at home.

For example, in the classroom, teachers talk unilaterally and the students just listen to it. While the lecture format is efficient for transferring knowledge to a large number of people, it is no exaggeration to say that the person who receives it is just like a recorder, and it stops thinking.

Even if you have doubts, you will not be allowed to stop, you will not be allowed to dig deeper even if you are more interested, you will not be able to get out even if it is boring, classes will continue indefinitely, even if you are still focused, time If you come, you will be discontinued.

Since this is unavoidable, it is necessary to make up for it outside of school.

◆ School education for employee mass production system
There are also problems with the educational curriculum itself.

For example, the courses of study are made by government people, but not only that, but many educational services are all made by people who have only hired experience. They have no experience of doing business. The same applies to school teachers.

Therefore, “career education” recommended and sponsored by the government and schools [especially universities] is basically “employment education”. The staff who provide career guidance at the university has only been employed, so only the path of “employment” can be shown.

There are over 30,000 occupations in the world, but career education taught only in school education is very narrow, and it can be said that Japanese schools in particular are not out of the “employee mass production system” area.

◆ Is the word “human resources” appropriate for education?
For example, in the university entrance examination reform and education reform from 2020, one of the items proposed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is “cultivating global human resources”.

This is because the word “human resources” is not used for any person.

For example, would you say “Global human resources” to Masayoshi Son and Steve Jobs? Rather it will be called “an outstanding person at the world level”. In the end, it will be expressed as “human resources” because there is only a person to be hired.

In addition, active learning is being adopted in the educational reform, but the question remains as to how much the site can respond to unfamiliar methods.

◆ The points that parents should care about after the test are not points
Certainly, some prestigious schools and individual schools place importance on the development of thinking skills, but the general school system does not have the ability to cultivate learning motivation and problem-solving skills, and teachers effectively Teaching is likely to be difficult. It is necessary to know the limitations and share the roles between school and home.

In other words, parents focus on developing literacy abacus skills at school and other abilities at home.

True scholastic ability is the attitude and qualities that lead to better problem solving by finding problems by yourself, learning and exploring independently, combining various wisdom gained so far, or newly acquiring necessary fields. It is.

In the first place, when a child goes into society, I don't know what kind of job I will be in, and I don't know how the environment has changed. Therefore, even in such a situation, it is necessary to acquire the ability to set goals and choose the best means for it.

To this end, parents should not be overwhelmed by test scores or deviations.

Rather than the results of the child test, for example, “How much is it above and below the average score” and “What is the reason” are heard, and “This problem and future issues / improvements and strategies” are analyzed. is.

If your child is small, such as an elementary school student, it may be difficult to organize it in your head.

◆ In children's education, how to learn rather than what is important
The important thing is to find your own assignments, explore countermeasures, set goals, and find the study method that suits you, rather than the score.

This is the ability required even after going out to society, and the difference arises due to the difference in the way of learning. What you learn, rather than how you learn, leads to creative abilities and innovative attitude.

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