How do you deal with future anxiety? Tips for surviving the survival era

◆ One way of thinking makes life much more fun
These days, the impression that the number of people who think that the future is dark is increasing. For example, inequality, poverty, being deprived of work by AI, lack of pensions, etc. On the other hand, some people think, "I can do anything if I care," and "the future is bright."

Also, while working for the same company, some people say "I'm a good company", while others resign "I don't like it." I think that people have different perspectives on their own way of life and society.

From there you may notice.

In other words, what you see will look different depending on how you perceive things. Then, you can see that the more enjoyable you take, the more enjoyable your life will be.

◆ If you broaden your horizons, you will have more options
And there are many people in this world who make incredible ways of earning and who live incredible lives. There are more than 30,000 types of Japanese occupations, so it is natural.

Some people post videos on YouTube every day and make a living with their advertising revenues, while others live in large cruisers and move around the world. He lives in Southeast Asia, where prices are cheap, using yen and US dollar income.

So, shouldn't we better know the world? If you know, you will realize that there is such a way of life and that there are also such jobs and occupations.

You realize that not only the world you know is not everything, and that you have freedom. I also realize that there are many ways to live.

If you realize that a vast world that you can't understand just by going back and forth between your home and your company extends outside your area of ​​life, it's just as worth taking a step towards freedom.

Because if you don't know, you can't aim, but if you can, you can aim.

◆ Solve problems from the smallest
Then, identify the factors that are preventing you from achieving your goals and consider how to remove them one by one. If the problem is large, factor it further and break down into smaller problems.

That way, the wisdom to solve comes out, and you can start with something that is not difficult. What will come out if we repeat that and crush the obstacles more and more? Yes, it should be two letters "achievement".

◆ Living in the happiest era of history
You may think, "I can't do it for ordinary people" or "It's that kind of idealism," but the world has evolved beyond our imagination and there are plenty of great tools and services.

For example, any e-book can be published as an author. If you use your smartphone, you can buy and sell stocks and FX anytime, anywhere, and earn money. The civilized tools have evolved steadily and are changing the way we earn and work.

Also, the advent of LCC has made traveling overseas extremely low cost. For example, if you use the LCC campaign to return to Singapore, you can go for less than 20,000 yen.

The number of cases that are cheaper than domestic travel has increased, and our travel range has greatly expanded. These are things that could not be done 20 years ago. With that in mind, we are living in a very happy era.

・ What you could not do in the past can now be done.

・ What can be done in the past can now be done better.

-What used to require human hands in the past can now be done unattended.

-What used to cost money can now be done free of charge.

-What used to take time in the past can now be done in an instant.

・ Now, amateurs can do things that only professionals could do in the past.

There are still many such examples. Anyone can send information using a blog, make friends around the world with SNS, and anyone can have their own shop on the Internet.

Individuals have great power, can outstrip large corporations, and have the opportunity to reverse at any time. It's amazing that the things you have to give up are decreasing.

The development of all technologies and services make our lives convenient and enriched. Wouldn't it be really fun to think of a future where this movement would continue and go even further?

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