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How do you read the new Sony smartphone "Xperia 1 II"? -Engadget Japan Version

Sony announces new flagship smartphone "Xperia 1 II". It is a successor to last year's flagship "Xperia 1" and renews the SoC to the latest Snapdragon 865. In addition to supporting 5G [Sub6 only] for the first time in the series, brush-ups have been made everywhere, such as achieving a thinner and narrower bezel in spite of 5G.

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The product name is "Xperia 1 II", but according to Sony Mobile personnel, it is read as "Experia One Mark Two". Also, the new middle-range model "Xperia 10 II" is also called "Experia Ten Mark Two". As in the case of Sony's “α” series of digital single-lens cameras, the “α7”, “α7II” and “α9”, this is a method to indicate the generation by adding a Roman numeral after the product name.

In addition, “ Xperia 1 '' is flagship, “ Xperia 5 '' is small and high performance, “ Xperia 8 '' is positioned as middle range for domestic, “ Xperia 10 '' is positioned as middle range line, so in the future “ Xperia 5 II '' and “ Xperia 8 II ”is likely to appear.


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