How does gender preference affect teamwork?


How does gender preference affect teamwork?

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It's very difficult to treat everyone equally, tender to the ones you like and cold to the ones you dislike. Leonie Jechers, an economist at the University of Hamburg, explains how favorableness to the opponent affects teamwork in situations that require teamworkthe studyIt has been found that coordination greatly changes depending on likability between males of the opposite sex and females of the opposite sex and same sex.

Women's 'Likeability' at Work May Be More Important Than It Is For Men, Study Shows

The experiment was conducted on a total of 32 people, 16 men and 16 women each. First of all, we gave each participant a picture of all the participants and let them rank by appearance only. After the rankings were determined, we communicated the results of how each participant ranked. By showing the ranking, participants will have a high affinity for those who rank high and a low affinity for those who rank low.

Later, Jehaz split the participants into pairs and groups and conducted a “fictional investment game” to investigate coordination.

In the game, each player can contribute any amount from the € 6 money to the joint project. The amount invested in the project will be multiplied by 1.5 and will be distributed equally to everyone. In order for each player to make the most profit, it is best to invest all of them.

However, since each player's investment is masked, if one invests only in full and the other invests only 1 euro, the investor who invests in full will lose a great deal. In a game where you have to decide how to keep your money and make your opponents pay more money. In the end, men invested about 4.05 euros on average and women invested about 3.92 euros.

In light of the pre-examined liking, the results show that, for women, women who have less liking the partner have a 30% lower investment than women who have a higher liking. Was. In the case of male pairs, there was no relevance between each other's favorability and investment amount.

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"But the situation has changed when there are even women in the men's group," said Jehaz. For mixed gender pairs and groups, lower liking for women reduced men's financing on average by 50%. On the other hand, women who have a lower preference for men have a 37% lower investment on average. With this result, Jehazs speculates that "for men, favorability is only important in relation to the opposite sex."

Men are favorably affected only by the opposite sex, while women are favorably influenced by both sexes. It has been suggested that both women and women need to maintain a high degree of liking for women to be more cooperative within the group and perform better at work.

"We experimented with the expectation of gender differences in the results, but we did not expect that differences in favorability more than gender would affect the results," said Jehaz. "Lack of favorability is a barrier to team cooperation."

“ Before we can argue whether gender is responsible for concerns that 'what others think' may affect workplace behavior and coordination, '' said Jehaz. Needs more research. "

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