How does Gmail change? Evolving from an email application to a chat/video call/file sharing editing application | AppBank

Google has an email serviceGmail]To expand the features of.

G Suite can be used without leaving Gmail

Google Inc. announced on its official blog on July 15 that it will add various functions to "Gmail" and expand it.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, "Gmail" had previously added the "Google Chat" function, but in the future, it will be integrated with "G Suite" such as new video calling and file sharing editing function. It will be done.

Video calls are possible with "Gmail". Also search chat

With the new Gmail, you can join the video call screen [Video Hangouts] right from your email screen, transfer chat messages to your inbox, and create tasks from chat messages.

Also, it will be possible to search chat keywords using the search function of "Gmail".


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