How is Burger King's "King Dog" different from normal hot dogs / Feeling supported by the ability of the No. 1 sausage in the United States

From June 5, 2020 at Burger King nationwide"King Dog"Has started selling. A hot dog that collaborated with the sausage brand Johnsonville. The price is 360 yen including tax as a single item [some stores may not be available or the price may be different].

On the official website of Burger King and Twitter"US No. 1 sausage"It's been fueled by, and it seems to be somehow amazing. In order to clarify its ability, I compared it with the normal hot dog that is usually sold!


By the way, speaking of Johnsonville, reporter K. Nagahashi also said in Rocket News.A special sausage that is impeccable"And even praised. I haven't eaten it myself, but if you tell me that much, my expectations will grow.

By the way, at Burger King, normal hot dogs are usually sold for 150 yen. On the HP menu, it's inconspicuous because it's been pushed away by the "side" item, but it exists.

Even though it is a Johnsonville collaboration, the price is more than double. It wouldn't be tolerable with a halfway difference. A comparison between the two is inevitable. So I got both.


And open the book.

Hmm, let's be honest here. The impression at this point is thatEndlessly impressedIs. Well, the Johnsonville version of the sausage is certainly fat. I think it's about twice as thick as it looks.

However, the normal version of sausage is longer. This is like thin and long or thick and short, with an atmosphere where there is likely to be a one-chan even endHave trouble reacting.. Oioi What's the Burger King? They always entertain me with ridiculous big enough to say I'm crazy.

I thought that from the name of a king dog, everyone would attack at a size that would at first glance be recognized as the king of the hot dog world… but this is at best not a middle-class infantry at all. Is it? /> There may be some power-type infantry in MOB infantry even in manga. something like that.

Also, I think this has a lot of individual differences, but if you look closely, lettuce is a bit ridiculous. Among the mid-sized infantry, isn't it a good point to be a dull guy who serves the king of a local, ministerial state? For now, let's weigh in order to know the volume a little more concretely.

Includes wrapping paper, King Dog is 147 grams, Normal is 108 grams. It looks like bread looks the same for normal and king, so the biggest difference in volume is probably due to sausage.

It seemed like they had a good match, but the Johnsonville sausage wasn't dated,Discovered to be overwhelmingly heavy.. Okay, it seems that it was a mistake to call it ordinary infantry. Let's upgrade to heavy cavalry.

・The Battle of Johnsonville

I'm afraid it's not so good at the moment, but taste is also important. Let's make the final decision after eating. I had forgotten because I had a brain-muscular way of life that everything was decided by how big the food was. There is a possibility that the taste, not the size, is king-class.

First, let's eat the normal version. So that's it,Exactly individuality.. It's neither good nor bad.A feeling of 150 yen suitable for a 150 yen hot dogIs. Bread and sausage, ketchup and mustard.

The sausage is gnigni, and there is no particular moving point, such as a crisp feeling. However, for the time being, it retains the sausage sensation that can be recognized as sausage. Bread is also normal. All right as a 150 yen hot dog,Embody what the cost should beis doing.

Let's eat a king dog. Oh? this is……

Sausage strong

There is nothing special about bread, lettuce, sauce, etc.,Sausage is realIt is. I see, this is the No. 1 sausage in the United States…! The normal version was bubbling, but hereCrisp pops and juicy at the level of spilled juice from the insideIt is.

The juice that flows out is also delicious. It's not vulgar, but it's a level that sucks juice from a thoughtful section. I can not believe that. Among the bread and lettuce that aren't refreshing,Only Johnsonville sausages are struggling with the lone army.. No. 1 in the United States. Medal of Honor level. Let's name this experience the Battle of Johnsonville.

・Burger King side

In the first place, the price is 360 yen, which is cheaper than other flagship burgers such as Burger King, so it's true that bread and lettuce are reasonable. However, since Johnsonville sausages are delicious,I wanted a forgiveness like Burger KingIs it only the author who thinks?

It's okay for the price to go up, so I'd be happy if the bread was as big as a subway and sandwiched two Johnsonvilles. Let's put lettuce in as much as the usual Wapper.

If pickles, onions or chili sauce carved there were ruggedly cooked and cheese was added at the end, it would have become a legend as a king without any confusion… I think there are personal preferences. For the time being, the sausage was apt, soLet's buy Johnsonville sausage..

Reference source:Burger King,Johnsonville, Twitter @BURGERKING JAPAN

Report:Egawa equipment

Photo: RocketNews24.

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