How is that going to work? Pentel shares scramble,TOB expired for Kokuyo and plus

Stationery giant Kokuyo and by”Pentel”strain of the fight. Kokuyo is 9 days,plus 10 days respectively in the TOB[takeover bid]of the deadline was 10 June, the two companies with the announcement of the results, not the Pentel of management rights dispute over the whereabouts of what the outcome has been the focus of attention.

【Here】Kokuyo,dynamic global growth strategy a new record for sales of the updated aim.

Sign pen in the famous Pentel is non-listed. Overseas to strong, Kokuyo in 2010, overseas sales concerning business Alliance with you. This year 5 month, the European Investment Fund through 37%of the Pentel shares acquired from the tensions.

9 on the Pentel is a Trident fit for the Kokuyo direct stake to admit,Kokuyo has became the largest shareholder. This is 11 month 15 days,”Pentel of third party capital and Business Alliance promoting”, as the hostile TOB expressed. Pentel strain 1 strain 3,500 yen buying, the retention ratio of 50%to over announced.

11 November 20, Kokuyo is”plus Pentel shares 12 November 10 deadline to 1 share 3,500 yen buying,”and revealed,to compete with it for the purchase amount of 3,750 yen to raise. In addition, 29 November to 1 Shares 4,200 yen, raising 12 month 9 days to the deadline to more than 50% of the acquired shares aiming for.

In Japan, enterprises of the shareholding on the wall, and leading between the hostile TOB is rare, most have been unsuccessful. Hostile TOB is”evil”and the consciousness of the strong and the background was there. The 2005 Livedoor→NBS,06 years of Oji paper→Hokuetsu Paper Mills,Quixote→origin 東秀,07 years U.S. Steel・Partners→the business, such as none have failed. This year 3 month establishment of Itochu by the site of TOB success in the domestic leading each other for the first time, said to be the most unusual example.

Kokuyo is a hostile TOB on the success of the white knight[White Horse Rider] said to be the plus control, or whether it both decisive buyers is reached, without the extra time to plunge into people from to long a few days there, again. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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