How is the introduction of a four-day work week implemented by companies around the world?


How is the introduction of a four-day work week implemented by companies around the world?

The four-day work week, which has more holidays than the conventional five-day work system,Increase productivity and reduce corporate spending,Reduce employee stress and improve life satisfaction,Promote gender equalityWe know that there are many benefits. It is an American radio network that such a four-day work week is spreading around the worldNational Public Radio (NPR)Reports.

4-Day Workweek's Appeal Goes Global As Bosses Seek To Boost Profits And Morale: NPR

Regarding the idea of ​​working four days a week,Increasing trendAnd it may sound like a crazy idea in the United States, where mobile phones and emails remind you of your work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, "said NPR. However, even in the United States, some companies have begun working four days a week.

Not only in Western countries, but in the United States, WashingtonBill to reduce to 32 hours is submittedFor example, reducing working hours is becoming a global movement. When a company realizes a four-day work week, the company may extend the standard working hours from eight hours a day to ten hours a day,Shake ShackIn some cases, a shift to a four-day work week is possible while maintaining eight hours a day.

Shake Shack introduced a four-day workweek system in 2018, which reduced weekly working hours from 40 to 32 hours, but did not reduce salaries. Prior to the full-fledged introduction, the company first reduced the number of working days for employees at some stores to four days a week. Tara Comonte, president of Shake Shack, said of a four-day workweek, saying, “ For example, you can take your child to school one day a week or save one day on child care. I can do that, "says a four-week work week.

Following the success of some stores, Shake Shack has expanded its four-day work week to one-third of all 164 stores in the United States. In introducing the four-day work week, Shake Shack said that he had sought a way to reduce working hours, and made improvements such as introducing computer software to monitor the supply of ground beef.

"The introduction of a four-day work week was a way to increase work flexibility. In recent years, many companies have begun to adopt flexible work policies, It's not easy, "said Comonte.

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Not only Shake Shack, but many companies around the world are looking at a four-day workweek, but this global movement began with a willing and heritage management service in New Zealand.Perpetual GuardianIt is a company. Andrew Barnes, CEO of Perpetual Guardian, said he did not believe that introducing a four-day workweek system would be such a big movement.

Originally, Barnes spent much of his career at work and worked long hours aggressively, but he began to feel uneasy about the mental effects of work on employees and their families. So we decided to pilot a four-day work week for 240 employees at Perpetual Guardian. During the four-day work week exam, researchers at Auckland University of Technology measured changes in employee stress levels and productivity, and watched to see how they affected work and mental status.

"The heart of the idea of ​​working four days a week is that people are not always productive all the time in the office," Barnes points out. The four-day work week cannot be realized by working the same way as before, but reducing the number and time of meetings alone has saved a huge amount of time and has no partitions.Open officeAccording to the company, measures such as abolishing employees have enabled employees to concentrate more on work.

Barnes explains that the introduction of a four-day work week allows workers to complete more jobs in less time, increasing sales and profits, and reducing commuting time as work days decrease. Claims that there were benefits. Also, an unexpected advantage was that gender disparity in the workplace was reduced, so that female employees who need to take time to care for their families can work more flexibly, and male employees are more involved with their families than before. Time has increased.

The Perpetual Guardian focused on productivity and stress levels, but not on "how employees spend their time during working hours." However, Mr. Barnes thinks that the point that “ if the labor productivity decreases with the four-day work week system, the four-day work system will be abolished '' has increased the motivation of employees. .

Researchers announce results of piloting a four-day workweek at Perpetual Guardian, and seek advice from Barnes on a four-day workweek from a number of companies, including a large multinational company The voice was flooded. “ Frankly, I needed to deal with the many companies I approached, so I couldn't afford to drink coffee, '' Barnes said, introducing the company's four-day work week. Barnes himself had a very busy day.

To meet demand from around the world, Barnes said,4 day weekA lot of work has been done to establish the foundation of the working system four days a week. In the process, Barnes ended up doing a lot of overtime, saying, "I have only one chance to change the world, at least to see if I can change the world in the field of working four days a week. I feel that it's my responsibility. "

In the U.S., union power and political influence are weak and companies tend to prioritize shareholder interests over worker interests, but Philadelphia-based software companiesWildbitAnd some other companies have begun introducing a four-day work week. Natalie Nagele, CEO of Wildbit, pointed out that if employees are not motivated enough and companies don't trust their employees, the four-day work week will fail.

At Wildbit, a four-day work week seems to be a success, saying, “ Our productivity and quality of work has improved with the introduction of a four-day work week, and we are shipping more functions than before. We have been working four days a week, "commented Nagele. Nagele's personal impression is that the four-day work week can help brainstorm and come up with ideas to solve complex problems. It is said that there are many cases where the solution to the problem that has been bothering you suddenly comes to mind when you wake up on a holiday morning.

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