How is the science commentary animation taking 1200 hours going?


How is the science commentary animation taking 1200 hours going?

by Vancouver Film School

"What is the most dangerous substance in the universe?"What is consciousness?", A channel that explains various wonders of science with animations.Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]Explains how to create an animation in a single animation.

How to Make a Kurzgesagt Video in 1200 Hours-YouTube [/ embed]

There are endless topics to cover in the science world.

He says that he will create animations by taking up topics that have been studied for a long time and hot topics. It is the pleasure of Kurzgesagt staff to explain more complicated and difficult things easily.

The first step in creating an animation is a script.

The staff will read various research papers and work on gaining knowledge on the topic. Spend a few weeks on this step.

After a thorough investigation, write a script. The contents will be examined by requesting confirmation from an expert or by performing verification many times. This verification part becomes a bottleneck in the production, so it will take time to produce. It can take weeks or literally years to complete the script.

Once the script is complete, create the original drawing that will be the basis for the animation.

After preparing about 200 sketches …

Adobe IllustlatorI will draw using. This work will take 8 to 12 weeks with two to three illustrators.

Next, recording of "narration".

The narration is a small studio, recorded per paragraph. The equipment I useNeumann TLM103A condenser microphone and a professional recording tool.

Then, create animations based on the illustrations.

The software used for production isAdobe After EffectsWhenCINEMA 4D. Importing hundreds or thousands of parts into After Effects and making them run as animations can take eight to twelve weeks with two to three animators.

Finally, overlay music and sound effects on the video.

The background music used in Kurzgesagt's movie is all original,SoundCloudAndSpotifyBut it seems to be delivered.

Animations are not completely created in one, but two to four animations proceed simultaneously. The ideal plan looks like this …

In fact, things don't go as expected, and schedules often get confused. Depending on the animation, the production may be canceled halfway.

The animation time of one animation Kurzgesagt gives is about 9 minutes, but the production time can reach 1200 hours.

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