How Many Notifications Affect Communication Costs?-Why iPhones Can't Be Listened To Now

If the contract with the carrier is such that the charge increases according to the data communication amount (pay-as-you-go plan), the large number of notifications may affect the communication cost. Aside from the flat-rate plan where the price does not change regardless of how much data communication is used, there is resistance if there is a possibility that you will pay for something that you do not even see the contents, right?

In the past, the maximum amount of data per notification (notification payload) of the iPhone was 256 bytes, but it has been expanded to 2000 bytes in iOS 8 and 4000 bytes in iOS 9. Not all notifications will be that large, but the high volume can't be overlooked.

Especially in iOS 12 or later, a function (Notification Content Extension) that can highly customize the content displayed on the notification screen has been added, and since the number of notifications including images has increased, the increasing trend of notification payloads has become more clear. .

As a trial, open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Mobile communication" → "System service", and when I examined the breakdown of system service out of the mobile communication that I used about 5.5 GB, it consumed about 73 MB for notification. It was The ratio is only 1.3%, but the impact on communication costs is not zero. Stop receiving notifications that you rarely see when you receive them.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort to review the notification settings of each application, but for the notifications from the infrequently used applications, the phrase “ Do you want to continue receiving notifications from XX apps? '' It may be displayed, so let's utilize it. By tapping the "Manage …" button, you can change the settings so that you do not receive the notification of the calling application later.

  • How Many Notifications Affect Communication Costs?

    If the number of notifications also increases, it will consume data traffic accordingly

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