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How much does a working woman want to reward her for one month?

On March 12, the Japan FP Association announced the results of the fourth "Survey on Working Women's Life and Money". The survey period was February 4-6, 2020, and the survey was for working women in their 20s and 50s, with 1,200 valid responses.

Spending on rewards for yourself, tend to be higher for younger generations

  • Left: How much do you want to spend in one month for your reward (multiple answers) Right: Average amount of money you want to spend on yourself (per month)

When asked if she was a “ good savings person '' or a “ good savings person, '' she said 45.7% of “ good savings people '' and 54.3% of “ good savings people. '' For better results. Next, when asked if they were "good savings" or "good savings," they said that "good savings" was 50.2%, and "good savings" was 49.8%, almost the same rate.

After raising the consumption tax rate, the costs that came to be saved were: 1st “ Food expenses (excluding eating out) '' (32.0%), 2nd “ Entertainment expenses-eating out and drinking party '' (22.5%), 3rd “ Daily goods expenses '' (19.3%).

When examining the amount of money that should be prepared for the cost of life events, the average marriage cost (down payment) is 1.86 million yen. By marriage situation, unmarried persons were about 1.88 million yen and married persons were about 1.84 million yen, almost the same level. In addition, housing purchase funds (down payment) averaged 7 million yen, and retirement living funds averaged 14.79 million yen.

Asking "Reward to yourself" how much you want to spend in a month, the average is ¥ 10,914. By age group, there was a tendency for younger generations to spend more on themselves, with 12,986 yen in their 20s, 11,043 yen in their 30s, 16,62 yen in their 40s, and 9,566 yen in their 50s.

I want to spend money as a reward for myself: 1st place “ Delicious food / eating out '' (262 people), 2nd place “ Travel '' (107 people), 3rd place “ Beauty / beauty treatment '' (105 people), 4 The ranking was “Fashion / Clothes” (86), and the fifth place “Sweets / Sweets” (82).

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