How much does it cost to maintain a 750 hp monster-class super sports car?

This is the article "Amazing specs! Limited to 77 units worldwide What is the power source of a beautiful sports car?]Is continued.

Production began in 2010, and the last one was delivered in August 2012. Of the 77 units produced in limited production, the right-hand drive version was nine. However, the body color and trim variations are surprisingly abundant, so there seems to be no two One-77s in the world with the exact same combination.

At the same time, the options set are limited to switchgear special metals. Only three metals are available: gold [£ 40,000], dark chrome [£ 30,000] and ruthenium [£ 15,000]. The vehicle price [excl. Tax] was initially £ 1.55 million, but was raised to £ 1.15 million in 2011. This, plus the UK VAT, is £ 1.38 million.

So what is the current value? The auction recently opened by Bonhams in Monaco listed a chassis number 25 with a mileage of 850 km registered in Switzerland, and the expected price at this time was 1.4 to 1.8 million pounds [about 200 million yen]. One-77, also shown in the photo, was a low mileage and was for sale by Aston Martin Works. London-based Joe Macari sold the Lo-Mileage One-77, which was priced at £ 1.7 million in advertising [exchange rate in 2016 was $ 239.7 million]. 147.6 yen, calculated as 141.0 yen in 2017]. Apparently, bargaining is rarely done on the One-77.

Not surprisingly, the requirements for maintenance are much more demanding than typical Aston. First, if you ask Aston Martin Works to perform a regular inspection once a year or every 5,000 miles [about 8,000 km], the cost will be £ 1752 [including UK VAT, about 247,000 yen]. . However, this is the most basic course, which costs £ 2947 for the middle course. The larger ones are implemented every 50,000 miles [approximately 80,000 km] and cost £ 5500 [approximately 776,000 yen]. This involves replacing 12 spark plugs, which require a lot of labor. Then what is the price of the parts? The price of the Pirelli P Zero Corsa used for the rear tires is less than £ 1000 for two, and the brake pad cost on the front is almost the same.

The so-called running cost is also a problem for One-77 owners. Fuel economy is unlikely to exceed 3.6km / litre, except when running quietly on the highway. The capacity of the fuel tank is 21 gallons [about 95 liters], but refueling must still be done frequently. However, it is not very practical and there is no luggage room. The P-Zero Corsa, which is 335mm wide, is not good at low temperatures, and its wide body makes it safer to avoid the winding roads in the countryside. Special attention must also be paid to the low diffuser mounted rear diffuser. After all, once you take damage, you have to replace the whole part.

That said, it's natural to run monsters with a maximum output of 750bhp, a maximum speed of 220mph and a vehicle price of 1.4 million pounds. Still, owners who love the One-77 seem to be enjoying the drive as much as they want. "Some customers are traveling around Europe on One-77," said Paul Spiers, commercial director at Aston Martin Works. "Some vehicles are approaching 50,000 km soon. Also, the more you travel, the better you'll be. One-77 will probably need regular exercise."

There is no doubt that Aston Martin Works has a deeper understanding of One-77 than anyone. "More than 30 One-77s come from all over the world and are undergoing maintenance here. In addition, our staff sometimes travel to various places to provide on-site service." It seems that one-77 owners regularly visit the circuit and drive.

"It's a very fun car to drive on the circuit. One owner ran Paul Ricard literally all day. At that time, we were getting a really big amount of gasoline," said Spears.

With many supersports cars adopting supercharged engines and hybrid systems, the One-77 will be a long-standing model that can fully experience the power of a naturally aspirated engine that excels at high revs. Today, the next-generation hypercar being developed by Aston is likely to be a different creature than the One-77. There is no doubt that it is a model that is faster than the One-77 and requires some kind of challenge for sports driving. Still, it seems clearer than watching the fire that exciting super sports cars like the One-77 will never appear again.

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