How much is the "highest amount" to contribute to Microsoft's cloud service?

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How much is the "highest amount" to contribute to Microsoft's cloud service?

by Mike Mozart

Amazon AWSAndMicrosoft AzureThe price of the cloud service differs depending on the machine specifications and storage capacity of the instance used. Microsoft engineerNemanja MijailovicHe examines the maximum amount charged for using Microsoft Azure.

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Mijailovic started the test because of cloud economistCorey Quinn"For enterprises with region set to BahrainMulti AZ The cost of using db.r5.24xlarge, which is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, is $ 31,837 (approximately 340 million yen). " As a Microsoft Azure user, Mijailovic said he wanted to compete with AWS at the highest price.

The first thing that comes to mind is how to contract for a large, expensive machine. Mijailovic has 416 Azure-poweredVirtual CPUAnd I checked the amount of Standard_M416ms_v2 3-year plan with 11.4TB of RAM, but as a result only 800,028 euro (about 95 million yen) was charged. The 71% discount is another barrier to reaching the highest price.

Next is the Azure storage serviceBlob StorageSo, looking at the amount of usage when renting 1 PB (1024 TB) of storage for 3 years, it was slightly closer to AWS's 340 million yen, at 1,642,100 euros (about 195 million yen).

Data analysis serviceDatabricksThe highest-priced plan for € 3,187.74 (about 380 million yen) finally succeeded in exceeding the AWS maximum. "I have no idea what the service is, but it's definitely very expensive, and that's what I need," Mijailovic commented.

Mijailovic is working on distributed databases.Cosmos DBI knew that Cosmos DB was very expensive, so when I tried to check the value of the most expensive plan of Cosmos DB, I was warned that I could not pay with a credit card.

Provided by MicrosoftPricing calculatorWhen I calculate the price with it, it is calculated at 9,948,824 dollars (about 1 billion yen). It seems that this was the most expensive plan that Mr. Mijailovic could confirm.

If you set the storage capacity to 999 PB with Blob Storage, the usage amount was displayed as 821,259,972 euros (about 95 billion yen), but because it was not possible to actually proceed to the purchase screen, Mr. Mijailovic's It has been excluded from the verification results.

Mijailovic commented, "You can challenge yourself to the highest price for cloud services and tell me the results."

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